Who was Bayju Noyan, the Mongol general.

Who was Bayju Noyan, the Mongol general.
Bayju destroying the seljuqs and rise of Ottomons.
Encyclopedia Iranica mentioned:
“Bāyjū must take the credit for the consolidation of Mongol rule in Azerbaijan, the area that was later to constitute the heartlands of the empire of the Il-khans, and his campaigns in Anatolia, effectively destroying the Saljuqs’ power, were responsible for dramatic political changes which ultimately facilitated the rise of Ottomans.” (Encyclopedia Iranica under the name Bāyjū)
Bayju’s death
Encyclopedia Iranica quoted from Rashid al-Din:
“Bāyjū is last mentioned in the context of Hülegü khan’s preparations in Ramażān, 657/September, 1259, for the invasion of Syria (Rašīd-al-Dīn, ed. ʿAlīzāda, p. 68). In his history of the Turkish and Mongol tribes Rašīd-al-Dīn says that he was executed and his command given to Čormāḡūn’s son Širemün (ed. Romaskevič, p. 561). No date is supplied for this event, but it may be connected with Hülegü’s move against the contingents from the Golden Horde which were operating in Iran alongside his own, and with the consequent outbreak of war in the Caucasus between himself and Berke Khan in 659/1261 (see Jackson, Central Asiatic Journal 22, pp. 232-33).” (Encyclopedia Iranica under the name Bāyjū)
Note: Rashid al-Din who mentioned about the death of Bayju (in Jame al Tawareekh) was vizier of the Ilkhan, Ghazan khan who attacked at the time of Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taymiyah and Ibn Taymiyah took part in that Jihad and Allah gave victory to Muslims.