Ruthless Mongols VS Allaudin Khalji.

Ruthless Mongols VS Allaudin Khalji.
“Such was Allaudin Khalji’s confidence that when the Mongol Khan Oljaitu sent an embassy in 1310-11, demanding his submission and a Khalji princess for a wife, he had no hesitation in having 18 of its members crushed by elephants.
The Mongols conceived such fear and dread of the army of Islam that all fancy for coming to India was washed clean out of their heart”.
The Mughal Emperors – Francis Robinson.
* Whilst the author describes Allaudin Khalji’s army as “the army of Islam”, it should be noted that several Hindu commanders were recruited, often from the lower caste to lead regiments that were composed largely from soldiers belonging to the privileged castes.
Copied from Mughal Imperial Archives.