When Ibn Taymiyah was beaten by a sufi gang.

Ibn taymiyah was beaten by Sufi al Bakri takfeeri, people asked Ibn taymiyah to order them so that they may destroy whole of Egypt.

Did you know Ibn Taymiyah was beaten by extreme group led by Sufi Shafiee Ali Al-Bakri as Ibn Taymiyah wrote a book against asking help from dead, due to that al Bakri declared shaykh al Islam Kafir and when he found him alone, he and those “gangsters” beat Ibn taymiyah. (Tarjuma of al Bakri in al Istigatha fe radd al Bakri Page 48)

Ibn Abd al Hadi mentioned:

One of our companion said I was in Egypt by chance, People of al Husaniyah and others came to Ibn Taymiyah and asked if we can destroy whole Egypt.?

Ibn Taymiyah asked: FOR WHAT?

They said: for you.

He said: I don’t like this fitna due to me.

They said: We will burn the houses of those who are against you and will fill the earth with their blood.

He said: It is not allowed.

They said: So What they did was allowed?

He responded: The right which you want me to claim either belongs to me, or to you or to Allaah. If this right belongs to me, then I have pardoned him. If it belongs to you, then if you will not listen to me then do as you wish. If this right belongs to Allaah, then Allah will claim His right when and how He wishes.

(al-Uqud al-Durriyyah min manaqib Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah page 224-225)

The funny part is that when army was finding al Bakri. Ibn Taymiyah gave him shelter.

See also Ibn Tamiyah provided shelter to his enemy al Bakri who did his takfeer.