When A Budhist Monk asked a Muslim if your Allah can make another God like him?

When A Budhist Monk asked a Muslim, if your Allah can make another God like him.
A Raja of SIndh wrote to Haroon al Rasheed that a Budhist Monk said to him, You do not have anything other than sword to prove your religion. If your religion is true than bring your scholar to me so that he may debate with our Monk.
Haroon sent a scholar, who was not a debater, Monk started using the evidences of Aqal and the scholar started responding through ahadith, The monk said these ahadith are evidence for Muslims not for me.
He asked if your God is Qadir over all the things then can he make a god like himself? The scholar said this can be answered by people of Kalam, as it is innovation (to ask this) according to our companions.
Raja sent him back and said you do not have any proof of your religion. haroon asked the scholars about the answer, and a Young boy who was there said: This question is useless because Allah is the one who is not created, neither he was begotten, so He is not creation. If He creates something like Him then he can not be like him because he is created and Allah is not created. And then it is disrespect for Allah if there is someone exactly like him and Allah can not disrespect himself. This question is like saying, Can god be ignorant?, Can god die?, can god eat or drink? or can god sleep? Allah can’t do these things as this is against the shan of Allah. All of them liked this answer and caliph thought to send him to india. But the elders said he is still a young boy, send someone who is experienced debater.
Caliph chose a debater who already had a debate with that monk and silenced him previously. When the monk came to know this he hired someone to poison him before he reach the court of Raja.
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