When Ibn Batuta saw a Hindu woman sacrificing herself after the death of her husband and became unconscious

When Ibn Batuta saw Sati (in which a widow sacrifices herself after the death of her husband and they die in the fire with husbands) and became unconscious.
Ibn Batuta mentioned some hindus attacked and ameer of the city went to fight them and 7 hindus were killed among which 3 were married. All of these widows intended to become sati. In hindus sati is not must but if the woman do not want to become sati she has to wear thick clothes, she is not considered loyal and have to live life in different types of disgrace…

I also went with my friends to see them… the women did a bath in a hawd and gave their clothes and jewelry in charity and wore a thick sarhee, then fire was flamed near hawd and oil was pored on it and the flames came out, they hide it with quilt so that the widows may not see, one of them forcefully took the quilt and said i don’t know if it is fire, you make me fear this? Then she ran and went into fire.. people started throwing the sticks in the fire so that it may give flame and started throwing some large things so that she may not move..I became unconscious after seeing this and started to fall from the horse until my friends caught me and washed my face with water..

[Urdu ref: Safar Nama Ibn Batuta part 2 page 36-37, Arabic Ref:al Rihla Ibn Batuta part 2 p, 422-425 ]