Satyarth Prakash Sameeksha ki Sameeksha

Author of the book: Satish Gupta (Mohammed Sadique),
Translated with permission from author by Abeer Fatima


Isha vasyamandi sarv yaktitrachjagatya jagat.”(yaju 0, 40-1)


This universe we live in is ultimately vast, large and marvelous. Its enormousness can be speculated by the sun which is the chief of the solar system, it is 13 lakh times larger than the earth and its distance from the earth is15 crore kilometers. Our sun rotates at the speed of 9,60,000 kilometers per hour. This universe consists of many spaces that are bigger than the sun and there are many solar systems. This universe consist of numerous galaxies. The galaxy in which our sun is set there are many other spaces which are lakhs times bigger than it and many solar systems. Crores of solar systems makes one galaxy in which there are millions and billions of stars. There must be crores of galaxies in this universe. The galaxy in which our sun is set, its centre is approximately 32000 lights years far away, while the length of one lights year is 946 billion kilometers. Every lumpin space is moving. There is an order in the speed of space lumps. The alteration of day and night are in order. There is an order in botanical world. There is order in living creatures world. This universe is so unique! Its very surprising to see. The question here is where there are rules, aren’t there suppose to be regulators or controllers? Where there are orders, aren’t there suppose to be systematizers? The order of universe is proof that there is existence of some power behind the running. The order here is also a proof that there is only one extreme/sublime power. If the power of existence would be more than one, it wouldn’t have been so unique and marvelously systematic and disciplinary. This very large universe in which our earth lies, its diameter is 12754 kilometer and weight is 6×1024. Now think! How much is the existence of us mankind in this universe? After all why were we given birth? Have we come into universe without any creator and without any intention? Don’t we have to follow any rules and regulation?

Its true that there is only 1 creator of the universe. He is our creator,lord,he is only our God and worthy to be worshipped. Parmeshwar, Allah, God are all the names of that powerful . We are all the offsprings of a single parent. We are all brothers. The universe is created for an intention by the one supreme natural power. That invisible sublime/extreme power has sent his message for us through some pure souls(persons) and books, or else how would we know that there is an invisible sublime power running this universe.The creator of all of us is only one. That’s the reason we all have the same objective. The track of attainment for the goal is one. That track is known as religion/faith/ dharm/deen. All humans have the same religion. Religion is the name of the conduct of life assign by our creator.The root reason for struggle, collision and differences between human beings are due to not understanding the true meaning of nature and human life.

This book presents the demonstrations of the founder of Arya society Swami dayanand saraswati and his formulations made on human life’s important topics and ideas presented in a simple and uncomplicated language in which he made an effort to test science and attitude, whose demonstrations are written in his great scripture ‘Sathyarth prakash’. This is my brief analysis. The readers are requested to read and think on the topics given with impartial and independent feeling , that the life we are living based on opinions and assumptions, are these assumptions irrational and unscientific? Did these preconceptions make us filled with attitude? Did the thinking of oneself as vintage and sophisticated and others as inferior and superficial that ranges in total sticklerness and snobbery make us hostile to truthfulness. Merely my intention here is that our speculation should be positive, healthy and scientific, our thinking should be worldwide but not confined to a small region,our faiths and customs and traditions should be pure logical, we should try to find the truth through interaction not by debate and argument so that instead communal and bad feelings good faith and feelings atmosphere should develop.

20 July 2010
Satish Chand Gupta (Mohammed Sadique)