Rafazis VS Sunnis, Good and worst part of Islamic history.

Rafazis VS Sunnis, Good and worst part of Islamic history.
Good part.
1. Umar bin al Khattab won sham, Iraq, Faras.
2. Muhammad bin Qasim won Hind and Sindh.
3. Qutaybiya bin Muslim won North Africa.
4. Tariq bin Ziad and Musa bin Nusayr won Andalus.
5. Muhammad Fateh won Constantinople.
6. Asad ibn al-Furat played an important role in the Muslim conquest of Sicily.
7. Caliphate of Banu Ummiya made Andalus a great civilization.
8. Rukn al din Baibars and Saif ul din Qutz were victorious over ruthless Mongols.
9. Salah ud din was victorious over blasphemous crusaders.
10. Abd el-Krim Khattabi and his brother Mhemmed led a large-scale revolt by a coalition of Berber Riffian tribes against French and Spanish colonization of the Rif, in northern Morocco.
11. Umar Mukhtar the lion of Desert did jihad against Italian colonization of Libya.
12. Khattab fought against Russia in Chechnya.
Worst part of Islamic history.
1. Ibn al- ʿAlqamī was a Shi’ite Who conspired against Abbasid Caliphate and aligned with Mongols.
2. Naseer ud din Tusi Rafizi did make up of Hulagu Khan against Muslims.
3. Rafizis welcomed Mongols in Baghdad.
4. Rafizis helped Mongols when they attacked al Sham.
5. Fatimi Rafizis aligned with Firangis against Muslims.
6. Allegiance with kuffar against Toghrïl Beg Selguq Sultan were rafizis.
7. Abu Tahir Qarmati killed the hujjaj and took hajr aswad.
8. Meer Jafar betrayed Siraj ad Dawlah and Meer Sadiq the rafizis aligned with British against Tipu Sultan.
9. Abusing Umm ul Momineen and the Sahaba who wanted to give their life for Prophet peace be upon him are Rafizis.
The idea taken from the wall of Sh Muhammad Umar Siddique.