Names of Prophet pbuh in Quran and Sunnah (part 2)

11. Khatim al Mursaleen (Seal of the messengers)

This name is because Allah completed the religion of Islam on him. Allah says,

This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion. [5:3]

Ibn Katheer Commented under the verse 33:40]

This Ayah clearly states that there will be no Prophet after him. If there will be no Prophet after him then there will surely be no Messenger after him either, because the status of a Messenger is higher than that of a Prophet, for every Messenger is a Prophet but the reverse is not the case. (end quote)

After this verse was revealed nothing was revealed regarding Do’s and Dont’s (Halal and Haram) and the Messengerof Allah peace be upon him died after 2 months and 21 days

12. Khatim an-Nabbiyeen (Seal of the Prophets)

Muhammad is not the father of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the Messenger of Allah and last of the prophets. And ever is Allah , of all things, Knowing.[33:40]

Ibn Katheer brought many ahadeeth in the commentary of above verse some of them are below:

1: My parable among the Prophets is that of a man who built a house and did a good and complete job, apart from the space of one brick which he did not put in its place. The people started to walk around the building, admiring it and saying, “If only that brick were put in its place. ” Among the Prophets, I am like that brick. It was also recorded by At-Tirmidhi, who said “Hasan Sahih.(end quote)

2: Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, said that the Messenger of Allah said:

(I have been given preference over the other Prophets in six ways: I have been given the ability to speak concisely; I have been aided by fear (cast into the hearts of my enemies); the spoils of war have been made permissible for me; the entire earth has been made a Masjid and a means of purification for me; I have been sent to all of mankind; and the Prophets end with me.).”(end quote)

3. (I have several names: I am Muhammad, and I am Ahmad; I am Al-Mahi (the eradicator) through whom Allah will erase disbelief; I am Al-Hashir (the gatherer) at whose feet mankind will gather; and I am Al-‘Aqib (the final one) after whom there will be no Prophet. (end quote)

Ibn Katheer Then commented: Allah has told us in His Book, and His Messenger has told us in the Mutawatir Sunnah, that there will be no Prophet after him, so that it may be known that everyone who claims this status after him is a liar and fabricator who is misguided and is misguiding others. Even if he twists meanings, comes up with false claims and uses tricks and vagaries, all of this is false and is misguidance as will be clear to those who have understanding. This is what Allah caused to happen in the case of Al-Aswad Al-‘Ansi in the Yemen and Musaylimah the Liar in Al-Yamamah, whose false miracles and nonsensical words showed everyone who was possessed of understanding that they were liars who were leading people astray; may the curse of Allah be upon them both. This is the case with every false prophet until the Day of Resurrection, until they end with Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal (the Antichrist). Each of these liars is given by Allah signs which show the people of knowledge and the believers that his message is false — which is part of the perfect kindness of Allah towards His creation. These liars do not enjoin what is good, nor forbid what is evil, unless they do so by coincidence or because it serves an ulterior purpose. They are the utmost in falsehood and immorality, in all that they say and do(end quote)

13: Rahmatul-Lil-Alameen (The Mercy for the mankind, jinns and all that exists)

This name occurs in the verse of Quran where Allah says in Surah al Anbiya: 107. And We have sent you (O Muhammad ) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). 108. Say (O Muhammad) “It is revealed to me that your Ilah (God) is only one Ilah (God – Allah). Will you then submit to His Will (become Muslims and stop worshipping others besides Allah)?”

14. Burhaan (The Evidence, The Proof)

Allah says in surah an-Nisa: (174. O mankind! Verily, there has come to you a convincing proof from your Lord; and We sent down to you a manifest light.)

Tafsir Jalalayn says: O people, a proof, a definitive argument, has now come to you from your Lord, against you, namely, the Prophet (s), and We have revealed to you a manifest, a clear, light, namely, the Qur’ān.(end quote)

15. Al-Ummi (Unlettered)

Allah says in Surah al Jum’a: 2. He it is Who sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger from among themselves, reciting to them His Ayat, purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the Hikmah. And verily, they had been before in manifest error.

Allah says in Surah al-Araf: 157. Those who follow the Messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write whom they find written of with them in the Tawrah and the Injil, — he commands them to do good; and forbids them from evil; he makes lawful for them the good things, and forbids them from the evil things, he releases them from their heavy burdens and from the fetters that were upon them. So those who believe in him, honor him, help him, and follow the light which has been sent down with him, it is they who will be successful

Allah says in Surah al-Ankaboot: 48. Neither did you (O Muhammad SAW) read any book before it (this Quran), nor did you write any book (whatsoever) with your right hand. In that case, indeed, the followers of falsehood might have doubted.

16. Abd Kareem (The most generous slave)

Prophet peace be upon him said ان الله جعلني عبدا كريما ولم يجعلني جبارا عنيدا

Verily Allah made me the most generous slave, He did not make me Compeller and stubborn.[Sunan Ibn Majah hadeeth no: 3263]

Another narration states:
وكان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حييا كريما يستحيي

The Prophet peace be upon him was Modest, The Most Generous and Shy. [Musnad Ahmad Vol 6 page no: 314]

17: Al-Muzammil (The one who Wrap himself in clothing)

Allah says in Surah al-Muzammil: (1. O you who wraps himself [in clothing]) (2. Arise [to pray] the night, except for a little) (3.Half of it – or subtract from it a little) (4.Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation.)(end quote)

18. Al-Mudassir (The one who enveloped in garments)

Allah says in Surah al-Mudassir: (1. O you enveloped in garments!) (2. Arise and warn!) (3. And magnify your Lord!) (4. And purify your garments!) (5. And keep away from Ar-Rujz!) (6. And give not a thing in order to have more.) (7. And be patient for the sake of your Lord!) (8. Then, when the Naqur is sounded.) (9. Truly, that Day will be a Hard Day.) (10. Far from easy for the disbelievers.)

19. Shahid (Witness)

Allah says in Surah al-Ahzaab verse 45: “O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner.”

Allah says In Surah al-Fath Verse 8: “Verily, We have sent you as a witness, as a bearer of glad tidings, and as a warner.”

20: Basheer (Bringer of glad tidings)

Allah says in Surah al-Araf: (188. Say : “I possess no power over benefit or harm to myself except as Allah wills. If I had the knowledge of the Ghayb (Unseen), I should have secured for myself an abundance of wealth, and no evil should have touched me. I am but a warner, and a bringer of glad tidings unto people who believe.”)