Bilal bin Rabah Dream & Then Visiting Prophet Grave

The Athar

Once Bilal ra beheld the Prophet (s.a.w.) in his dream saying to him:
“O Bilal! How is it that you never visit me.” No sooner did he get up that he set out for Madinah. On reaching there, Hassan and Hussain (r.a.), the Prophet’s grandsons, requested him to call out the Azaan. He could not refuse them, for they were very dear to him. But as soon as the Azaan was called, the people of Madinah cried openly out of their anguish at the memory of the happy old days of the Prophet’s time. Even the women came out of their houses weeping. Bilal (r.a.) left Madinah again after a few days and died in Damascus in 20 A.H.[Subki in his book Shifa’ al-Siqam page 52]

Response to the above narration:

a) Hafiz ad-Dahabee said after quoting the narration
إسناده لين وهو منكر .
There is weakness in the chain and it is Munkar [Seyar Ailam an-Nubala] Scan:
b) Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi who is student of Hafiz ad-Dahabee and teacher of Ibn Rajab Hanbalee refuted as-Subki by saying
هذا الأثر المذكور عن بلال ليس بصحيح عنه ولو كان صحيحاً عنه لم يكن فيه دليل على محل النزاع
it is not proven and if for the sake of an argument it is proven then it is not evidence for visiting the graves [Sarim al-Munki page no: 314] .
c) Hafiz Ibn Hajar asqalani said in the biography of Ibraheem bin Mohammad bin Suleman
إبراهيم بن محمد بن سليمان بن بلال بن أبي الدرداء فيه جهالة حدث عنه محمد بن الفيض الغساني انتهى ترجم له بن عساكر ثم ساق من روايته عن أبيه عن جده عن أم الدرداء عن أبي الدرداء في قصة رحيل بلال إلى الشام وفي قصة مجيئه إلى المدينة وإذانه بها وارتجاج المدينة بالبكاء لأجل ذلك وهي قصة بينة الوضع
“….This story is a clear fabrication”[Lisan al-Mizan 1/107-108 no: 320] .
d) Imam Ibn al Iraq Kinani mentioned this athar in his book of Modhuaat and said
قال الذهبي في الميزان : فيه جهالة ، وقال ابن حجر في اللسان : هذه قصية بينة الوضع .
Dahabi said in al Meezan: There is Jahalah in it. Ibn Hajar said in al Lisaan: This story is clear fabrication.

e) Mulla Ali Qari said:
قصة رحلة بلال ثم رجوعه إلى المدينة بعد رؤيته عليه الصلاة والسلام في المنام وأذانه بها وارتجاج المدينة لاأاصل لها وهي بينة الوضع وكأن ابن حجر المكي ما اطلع عليه وذكرها في كتابه الموضوع للزيارة
The story of traveling of Bilal towards Madinah after he saw Prophet peace be upon him in dream. And saying Adhaan.. There is no base of this story and it is clear fabrication. Ibn Hajar Makki was not informed on it as He mentioned this athar in his book on Ziyarah. [Al Modhuaat al Sughraa by Mulla Ali Qari]

f) Shawkani said there is no base of this story [Al-Fawaid al Majmooa page 40] .
g) Abu Abdul Rahman al-Fawzi mentioned this story in his book the famous stories and their reality

Jazakallah khayr