Marriage of a minor.


Following are some fatawa of the scholars on Child Marriage / Marriage of a Minor.

1. Imam al Shafiee and his Companions.
2. Shaykh Mahmud Mahdi Istanbuli
3. Sh Saalih al Munajjid :
4. Ibn al jawzi
5. Ibn Uthaymeen

1. Imam al Shafiee and his Companions.

al Nawawi said centuries ago.

واعلم أن الشافعي وأصحابه قالوا : يستحب أن لا يزوِّج الأب والجد البكر حتى تبلغ ويستأذنها لئلا يوقعها في أسر الزوج وهي كارهة ، وهذا الذي قالوه لا يخالف حديث عائشة ؛ لأن مرادهم أنه لا يزوجها قبل البلوغ إذا لم تكن مصلحة ظاهرة يخاف فوتها بالتأخير كحديث عائشة ، فيستحب تحصيل ذلك الزوج لأن الأب مأمور بمصلحة ولده فلا يفوتها

It should be noted that al-Shaafa’i and his companions said: It is preferable for fathers and grandfathers not to marry off a virgin until she reaches the age of puberty and they ask her permission, lest she end up in a marriage that she dislikes. What they said does not go against the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah, because what they meant is that they should not marry her off before she reaches puberty if there is no obvious interest to be served that they fear will be missed out on if they delay it, as in the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah. In that case it is preferable to go ahead with the marriage because the father is enjoined to take care of his child’s interests and not to let a good opportunity slip away.[Sharh Muslim, 9/206.]

2. Shaykh Mahmud Mahdi Istanbuli said:
الحذر من الزواج بالصغيرة

I advice all the Men and Women that do not accept this…. Specially now a days when the emotions for religion are fading, The doubt of false things happening are very high. [Tuhfatul Urus page 42]

3. Sh Saalih al Munajjid said:
It is preferable for a guardian not to marry off his daughter when she is still young unless there is a valid reason for that.
[Islamqa 22442]

4. Ibn al jawzi said:

وأبله البله الشيخ الذي يطلب صبية… ولعمري إن كمال المتعة إنما يكون بالصبا، كما قال القائل: فعلت بنفسي النساء الصغار ومتى لم تكن الصبية بالغة لم يكمل الاستمتاع، فإذا بلغت أرادت كثرة الجماع والشيخ لا يقدر.
فإن حمل على نفسه لم يبلغ مرادها، وهلك سريعاً.
ولا ينبغي أن يغتر بشهوته الجماع، فإن شهوته كالفجر الكاذب.
وقد رأينا شيخنا اشترى جارية فبات معها فانقلب عنها ميتاً.
وكان في المارستان شاب قد بقي شهرين بالقيام، فدخلت عليه زوجته فوطئها فانقلب عنها ميتاً.

And the shaykh did wrong that he asked for a little girl (for marriage). By my age, the best enjoyment is with the young girl (not with the little one)…..

And if the old man have sex with a little girl, she can also die as happened in al Maarstaan.. (Sayd al khatir page 420)

5. Ibn Uthaymeen said:
وهذا القول هو الصواب، أن الأب لا يزوج بنته حتى تبلغ، وإذا بلغت فلا يزوجها حتى ترضى
This view is the correct one, that the father should not arrange a marriage for his daughter until she reaches the age of puberty, and when she reaches the age of puberty he should not arrange a marriage unless she gives her consent. [Sharh al-Mumti‘, 12/57]

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen the contemporary also said:

فالذي يظهر لي أنه من الناحية الانضباطية في الوقت الحاضر ، أن يُمنع الأبُ من تزويج ابنته مطلقا ، حتى تبلغ وتُستأذن ، وكم من امرأة زوّجها أبوها بغير رضاها ، فلما عرفت وأتعبها زوجها قالت لأهلها : إما أن تفكوني من هذا الرجل ، وإلا أحرقت نفسي ، وهذا كثير ما يقع ، لأنهم لا يراعون مصلحة البنت ، وإنما يراعون مصلحة أنفسهم فقط ، فمنع هذا عندي في الوقت الحاضر متعين ، ولكل وقت حكمه .

What is apparent to me is that due to discipline now a days the father should be stopped absolutely to marry his daughter until the age of puberty and she should be asked for the permission for marriage. There are many women who were married by their fathers without their consent. And when she came to know and the husband disturbed her she asked the household to get her a divorce from him or she will burn herself. This happens many times because the household do not understand the interest of their daughter rather they see their own benefits. For me this should be stopped now a days and every time has its own rulings. [Sharh Saheeh al Bukhari, Kitab al Nikah Chapter 39]