Ibn Hazm, al qurtubi and Abul Hasan Asharee and their evidences on female Prophets

Female Prophets according to Ibn Hazm and his evidence.
1. Sara Aleh salam
Ibn Hazam mentioned following verses saying Sara aleh salam was a Nabi.
Allah says in Surah Hud
71. And his Wife was standing, and she smiled. Then We gave her good tidings of Isaac and after Isaac, Jacob.
72. She said, “Woe to me! Shall I give birth while I am an old woman and this, my husband, is an old man? Indeed, this is an amazing thing!”
73. They said, “Are you amazed at the decree of Allah ? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, people of the house.
Ibn Hazam Commented:
فهذا خطاب الملائكة لأم إسحاق عن الله عز و جل بالبشارة لها بإسحاق ثم يعقوب ثم بقولهم لها أتعجبين من أمر الله ولا يمكن البتة أن يكون هذا الخطاب من ملك لغير نبي بوجه من الوجوه ووجدناه تعالى
This is the khitab from Allah through Angels to the Mother of Ishaq i.e. Sara. Angels informed her about Ishaq and Yaqub and said do you feel amazed on Allah’s works? And it is impossible that an angel could tell this to other than a Nabi. [end quote]
2. Mariam Aleh salam.
Ibn Hazam said:
قد أرسل جبريل إلى مريم أم عيسى عليهما السلام يخاطبها وقال لها إنما أنا رسول ربك لأهب لك غلاما زكيا فهذه نبوة صحيحة بوحي صحيح ورسالة من الله تعالى إليها وكان زكريا عليه السلام يجد عندها من الله تعالى رزقا وأردا تمنى من أجله ولدا فاضلا
Allah sent Jibreel to Mariam the mother of Eesa to have a khitab with her. Jibreel said to her:
“I am only the messenger of your Lord to give you [news of] a pure boy.” [Surah Mariam verse 19] This is true Nabuwwah in which the true wahy was sent to her from Allah.[end quote]
3. Mother of Musa aleh salam
Ibn Hazam said:
ووجدنا أم موسى عليهما الصلاة والسلام قد أوحى الله إليها بإلقاء ولدها في اليم وأعلمها أنه سيرده إليها ويجعله نبيا مرسلا فهذه نبوة لا شك فيها
We know that Allah sent a wahy to mother of Musa to cast him into the river and informed her that He will let his son meet her again and will make him Prophet, Messenger. [pointing towards al Qasas verse 7]This is also without a doubt Nabuwwah. [end quote]
4. Allah mentioned Mariam among the Prophets.
Allah mentioned the following names in Surah Maryam from verse 1 to 57
Zakariyah, Yaqub, Yahya, Mariam, Eesa, Abraham, Moses, Idrees,
Ibn Hazam commented:
قد قال وقد ذكر من الأنبياء عليهم السلام في سورة كهيعص ذكر مريم في جملتهم ثم قال عز و جل أولئك الذين أنعم الله عليهم من النبيين من ذرية آدم وممن حملنا مع نوح وهذا هو عموم لها معهم لا يجوز تخصيصها من جملتهم وليس قوله عز و جل وأمه صديقة بمانع من أن تكون نبية فقد قال تعالى يوسف أيها الصديق وهو مع ذلك نبي رسول وهذا ظاهر
Allah mentioned Mariam among the Prophets in Surah Kaf, Ha, Ya, ‘Ayn, Sad (i.e. Surah Mariam) and said:
Those were the ones upon whom Allah bestowed favor from AMONG THE PROPHETS of the descendants of Adam and of those We carried [in the ship] with Noah [Surah Mariam verse 58] (Allah) included Mariam with all the Prophets and it is not allowed to specifically (cast her out from the Prophets) from this majmooa of Anbiya [end quote]
Response to the objections:
1. Allah said Mariam is Siddiqa hence she was not Prophet.
Then he answered an objection that Allah says Mariam is Saddiqa that means she is not Prophet, Ibn Hazam replied, Allah also says: Yusuf O Siddique. Yusuf was Prophet even after that, so Mariam is also Prophet even if Allah called her Siddiqa
2. Allah says only Men were Rusul.
Ibn Hazam said:
قال أبو محمد ما نعلم للمانعين من ذلك حجة أصلا إلا أن بعضهم نازع في ذلك بقول الله تعالى وما أرسلنا من قبلك إلا رجالا نوحي إليهم
قال أبو محمد وهذا أمر لا ينازعون فيه ولم يدع أحد أن الله تعالى أرسل امرأة وإنما الكلام في النبوة دون الرسالة
We don’t know any evidence of the one who stop nubuwwah (from women) apart from this verse
And We sent not before you except MEN to whom We revealed [Our message]. [16 : 43] They do not ponder upon this verse and No one claimed that any woman was RUSUL. The kalam is on Nubuwwah (of women) not on Risalah of women. [end quote]
Then he mentioned the meaning of Nubuwwah and claimed women can be Nabi. That Allah informed them unseen through wahy and that is nubuwwah, Rusul i.e. Messenger has to convey the message and no woman was messenger.
In short according to Ibn Hazam.
Angels coming to men or women does not mean the man or a woman is Nabi, if the Angel  inform the knowledge of unseen to someone that makes him or her a Nabi.
All of the above is taken from الفصل في الملل والأهواء والنحل -by Ibn Hazam vol 5 pages 119-121
Other scholars who had same opinion.
Among Ahlul hadeeth Shaykh Muhibullah Shah Rashidi had same opinion. [Maqalaat Rashadiyah vol 4 page 127 chapter Athbaat al Nabuwwah Maryam Aleha as-Salam]
Al Qurtubi had same opinion.
Ibn Hajar mentioned from his as can be seen in his Tafsir in various places.
(والصحيح أن مريم نبية، لان الله تعالى أوحى إليها بواسطة الملك كما أوحى إلى سائر النبيين حسب ما تقدم ويأتي بيانه أيضا في ” مريم ” .
وأما آسية فلم يرد ما يدل على نبوتها دلالة واضحة بل على صديقيتها وفضلها، على ما يأتي بيانه في ” التحريم ” .
فتح الباري شرح صحيح البخاري الجزء السابع 17*24 Fath al Bari V7
Abul Hasan Asharee.
On the same page Ibn Hajr mentioned from Abul Hasan Asharee that Hawwa, Sara, Umm Musa, Hajra, Aasiya and Mariam all of them were Nabi.
P.S. I have just shared this for the purpose of knowledge, not for debate. I just shared the minority opinion and their evidence. It does not mean I also have same opinion. But this opinion has some good evidences as well.