Ibn Hazm responded to a ruthless Armenian King

Ruthless King of Armenia vs Ibn Hazm.

Ibn kathir praying for Ibn Hazm because he wrote a response to the qaseeda of King of Armenia in which he spoke about Muslim women and girls who he matched with animals and said they are soft and beautiful and are halal for him, he threatened Islam and Muslims that he will take all the countries of Muslims including Haramayn.

Ibn Kathir said:

وقد انتخى للجواب عنها بعد ذلك أبو محمد بن حزم الظاهري: فأفاد وأجاد، وأجاب عن كل فصل باطل بالصواب والسداد، فبلّ الله بالرحمة ثراه، وجعل الجنة متقلبه ومثواه.

Abu Muhammad ibn Hazm al-Dhahiri answerred this. He answered in a good way, and answered every false chapter with truth and his response was befitting response, so may Allah bless his soul with mercy, and make Paradise his abode. (Rough translation).

al Bidaya wal Nihaya the year 352 h

Note: This Armenian king killed a lot of Muslims and Ibn Kathir said, Allah saved Muslims from him when his own wife killed him.

His poetry includes 69 poetic lines against Islam and Muslims, Ibn Hazm wrote 134 poetic verses in response. Ibn kathir named this king as:

النقفور ملك الأرمن واسمه الدمستق

I don’t know what we call this name in English.

In response, Ibn Hazm said if you talk about bravery then Muslims are brave, what will you do if Muslims of Khurasan and other lands attack your countries? He said, Muslims took control of many lands already. Then  He spoke about the kings who accepted Islam wholeheartedly without any threat of Muslims. Rather with evidences.

وصدق رسالات الذي جاء بالهدى ** محمد الآتي برفع المظالم

وأذعنت الأملاك طوعا لدينه ** ببرهان صدق طاهر في المواسم

كما دان في صنعاء مالك دولة ** وأهل عمان حيث رهط الجهاضم

وسائر أملاك اليمانين أسلموا ** ومن بلد البحرين قوم اللهازم

أجابوا لدين الله لا من مخافة ** ولا رغبة يحظى بها كف عادم

I.e. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came to lift Atrocities.

All the kings accepted Islam wholeheartedly which came with pure evidences.

Kings of Yemen accepted Islam also the People of Bahrain.

Like the King of San’aa and people of Amman.

They accepted religion of Allah themselves without any fear of Muslims, without any desire which will benefit them.

Then he spoke about Christian creed.

كما يفتري إفكا وزورا وضلة ** على وجهه عيسى منكم كل لاطم

على أنكم قد قلتموا هو ربكم ** فيالضلال في القيامة عائم

أبى لله أن يدعى له ابن و صاحب ** ستلقى دعاة الكفر حالة نادم

ولكنه عبد نبي رسول مكرم ** من الناس مخلوق ولا قول زاعم

That you all slandered Jesus peace be upon him.

And even greater than (those lies) is that as per your creed , your Rabb (Jesus) was killed. All of these false creeds will take you to (hell) on the day of judgement.

Jesus rejected clearly that Allah is attributed to son. Very near, you will find advocates of this kufr regretting.

In reality Jesus was Allah’s slave, Prophet and an Honorable Messenger. Creation like others who is not like what you claim (that he is son of God).

Then he spoke about Miracles of Prophet peace be upon him.

وهند وسند أسلموا وتدينوا ** بدين الهدى رفض لدين الأعاجم

وشق له بدر السموات آية ** وأشبع من صاع له كل طاعم

وسالت عيون الماء في وسط كفه ** فأروى به جيشا كثيرا هماهم

وجاء بما تقضي العقول بصدقه ** ولا كدعاء غير ذات قوائم

Indians and Sidhees accepted Islam and left the religion of others.

Allah splits the full moon of the heavens for prophet peace be upon him as a sign, and only a handful (saa’) of food was presented by Prophet for all the people present and it was enough for them.

Water flowed in the middle of his palm which quenched a large army.

Then he spoke about evidences

براهينه كالشمس لا مثل قولكم ** وتخليطكم في جوهر وأقائم

Evidence of Religion of Islam is clear like sun unlike your sayings.

al Bidaya wal Nihaya the year 352 h

Note: This is not translation, just an idea what the response is all about , and its not the full response, just few lines are quoted.