Will Eesa aleh salaam judge according to 4 Madahib and how many madahib were famous other than four by as-Suyuti.

Will Eesa aleh salam judge according to 4 Madahib and how many Madahib were there other than 4 madahib.

Jalal ud din al Suyuti was asked:

When Eesa bin Maryam Aleh salam will judge according to the Shariya, then how will he judge? Whether he will follow four madahib or will he do ijtihad?

As-Suyuti replied:

Your question is strange and its bizarre that you restricted it to four madahib only.

Are there only 4 Madahib in this ummah?

There are many Mujtahids in this Ummah that it is impossible to count them.

Companions, Tabiyeen and itteba Tabiyeen had their own Madhab. Since that time there are 10 madahib who are followed and their books are written.

(Following are the names)

1. Malikis

2. Shafiees

3. Hanbalis

4. Hanafis

5. Madhab of Sufyan bin Uyaynah

6. Madhab of Sufyan at-Thawri

7. Madhab of Layth bin Sad

8. Madhab of Ishaq bin Rahwayh

9. Madhab of Ibn Jareer

10. Madhab of Abu Dawud may Allah have mercy on them all.

There are followers of these 10 Madahib who make evidence to the sayings of these scholars and judge according to them. And there are many more madahib…

Then as-Suyuti said:

How can a Prophet do taqleed of someone? Even though the scholars say Mujtahid do not do taqleed of anyone. When that mujtahid can’t do taqleed then how can it is imagined that a Prophet will do taqleed of someone?

نزول عیسی ابن مریم ص 9/10

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