Ibn Hazm VS ruthless King Nikephoros

Nikephoros, bloodthirsty King VS Ibn Hazm.

Nikephoros not only took the lives of numerous Muslims but also wrote poetic verses againstbIslam and dehumanized Muslim women and girls by comparing them to animals, asserting they were soft and beautiful and therefore permissible for him. Additionally, he made threats against Islam and Muslims, declaring his intention to conquer all Muslim lands, including the Haramayn.

Ibn Hazm wrote 134 poetic verses in response where he said:

وصدق رسالات الذي جاء بالهدى ** محمد الآتي برفع المظالم

وأذعنت الأملاك طوعا لدينه ** ببرهان صدق طاهر في المواسم

كما دان في صنعاء مالك دولة ** وأهل عمان حيث رهط الجهاضم

وسائر أملاك اليمانين أسلموا ** ومن بلد البحرين قوم اللهازم

أجابوا لدين الله لا من مخافة ** ولا رغبة يحظى بها كف عادم

I.e. The Prophet Muhammad brought guidance and hope,

He lifted the burdens of oppression and injustice.

Kings and rulers submitted to his faith,

Recognizing the truth and purity of his message.

The mighty ruler of Yemen embraced Islam,

As did the people of Oman, known for their bravery.

All the kingdoms of Arabia submitted,

Including the people of Bahrain, who were once lost.

They accepted Islam out of conviction,

Not out of fear or greed.

The Prophet’s message spread far and wide,

Bringing peace and prosperity to all.

Then he spoke about Christian creed.

كما يفتري إفكا وزورا وضلة ** على وجهه عيسى منكم كل لاطم

على أنكم قد قلتموا هو ربكم ** فيالضلال في القيامة عائم

أبى لله أن يدعى له ابن و صاحب ** ستلقى دعاة الكفر حالة نادم

ولكنه عبد نبي رسول مكرم ** من الناس مخلوق ولا قول زاعم

Every blasphemer who slanders Jesus,

Will be struck with shame on the Day of Judgment.

You claim that he is your Lord,

What a great error you are in!

God does not have a son or a partner,

Those who claim this will regret it.

Jesus is a servant, a prophet, and a messenger,

He was created by God, just like all of us.

He did not claim to be divine,

Those who believe this are misguided.

Then he spoke about Miracles of Prophet peace be upon him.

وهند وسند أسلموا وتدينوا ** بدين الهدى رفض لدين الأعاجم

وشق له بدر السموات آية ** وأشبع من صاع له كل طاعم

وسالت عيون الماء في وسط كفه ** فأروى به جيشا كثيرا هماهم

وجاء بما تقضي العقول بصدقه ** ولا كدعاء غير ذات قوائم

India and Sindh embraced Islam,

Rejecting the religion of the pagans.

The moon split in half as a sign for him,

And he satisfied the hunger of everyone who ate from his hand.

Water flowed from between his fingers,

And he quenched the thirst of a large and thirsty army.

He came with what the intellects confirm his truthfulness,

Unlike the claims of those who have no basis.

Then he spoke about evidences of Islam.

براهينه كالشمس لا مثل قولكم ** وتخليطكم في جوهر وأقائم

Evidence of Religion of Islam is clear like sun unlike your words. (al Bidaya wal Nihaya the year 352 h)

Ibn Kathir praised Ibn Hazm due to his response:

وقد انتخى للجواب عنها بعد ذلك أبو محمد بن حزم الظاهري: فأفاد وأجاد، وأجاب عن كل فصل باطل بالصواب والسداد، فبلّ الله بالرحمة ثراه، وجعل الجنة متقلبه ومثواه.

Abu Muhammad ibn Hazm al-Zahiri responded to these arguments. He provided a comprehensive and well-argued response, refuting each false argument with truth and correctness. May Allah bless his soul with mercy and make Paradise his abode. (al Bidaya wal Nihaya the year 352 h)

Death of nikephoros.

Wikipedia states:

“According to Joannes Zonaras and John Skylitzes, Nikephoros had a loveless relationship with Theophano. He was leading an ascetic life, whereas she was secretly having an affair with Tzimiskes. Theophano and Tzimiskes plotted to overthrow the emperor. On the night of the deed, she left Nikephoros’ bedchamber door unlocked, and he was assassinated in his apartment by Tzimiskes and his entourage on 11 December 969.”

Ibn Kathir also mentioned that Allah saved Muslims when Nikephoros’s own wife killed him.