Al-Quran (Recitation & Translation in 20 Languages)

QURAN in 20 different Langauges ALHAMDULLILAH
Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah Lord of the Worlds.

In 25 different langauge the Quran in mp3 with both Arabic recitation

followed by respective langauge translation download and burn to CD as Mp3.

Details in short

    • Each langauge has got a page link for downloading and listening to mp3 with by streaming.
    • You can download each single mp3 like surah from 1-114 with differrent formats of audio as stated 128Kbps MP3, Ogg Vorbis, 64Kbps MP3 depending upon the size of file the quality of audio differs.
    • There is one more option for downloading whole quran from one link as you complete the download you need to extract the files using winrar
    • Do Check First PAGE SOURCE it has all details and more downloading options

Taken from :

Note:The respective langauge knower are requested to first download and carefully check whole Quran and then burn to cd and then forward to others as bcoz i have no responsibility over this links the original uploader is unknown,as i found the links i post it in my blog,this doesnt mean i dont check the authenticity,I do but when it comes to hadis and Islamic infos that are spread based on unauthentic source.But as this is Quran no doubt the word of ALLAH subhanahu wa tala,but still u need to check it from some imam or the scholar ur in contact with being an audio compilation it may have some incomplete or translation mistakes…And even i dont know all of langauge below.One more important thing is that While listening to audio it will be better you have Quran in your hand as the reciter recites in audio u listen and check it Quran the one you have in your home,in one attempt you will listen read to arabic and also listen read to translation.

  1. Arabic__________________—-PageSource—-Download-499MB
  2. Turkish________________—- PageSource—-Download-576MB
  3. Turkish-Arabic_________ —- PageSource—-Download
  4. English_______________—-PageSource—-Download-528MB
  5. English-Arabic________ —- PageSource—-Download-31CD
  6. German____________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  7. French____________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  8. French-Arabic______ —- PageSource—-Download-1.2GB
  9. Azerbaijani________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  10. Chinese__________ —- PageSource—-Download-445MB
  11. Spanish__________—- PageSource—-Download-899MB
  12. Arabic Spanish_____—- PageSource—-Download-1.3GB
  13. Korean__________ —- PageSource—-Download-491MB
  14. Korean Arabic_____ —- PageSource—-Download-491MB
  15. Russian__________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  16. Tagalog__________—- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  17. Urdu____________ —- PageSource—-Download-483MB
  18. Maranao_________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  19. Persian__________ —- PageSource—-Check Page Source
  20. Bosanki_________ —- PageSource—-Download-489MB
  21. Tamil__________—- PageSource—-Download-1.1GB
  22. Tamil Arabic____—- PageSource—-Download-1GB
  23. Malayalam____—- PageSource—-Download-1.3GB
  24. Hindi_______—- PageSource—-Download-1.2GB
  25. Portuguese_—- PageSource—-Download-1.2GB
  26. Bangla___—- PageSource—-Another Page Source

Complete Audio Quran

Recited by Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su’ood As-Shuraim

With Urdu Translation (mp3 format)
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Without Translation (wma format)
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Recited by Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais

Without Translation (wma format)
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Recited by Qari Waheed Qasmi

With Translation (mp3 format – one zip file)
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Recited by Saad Al-Ghamdi

Without Translation (mp3 format)
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Recited by Abdullah Basfar – Mujawwad

With English Translation (mp3 format)
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Awesome Recitations
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High quality and small file size makes it possible to download entire Quran to your favorite MP3 player and carry it anywhere with you.