Worst type of caste system in Hindu scriptures.

Worst type of caste system in Hindu scriptures.
1. Sudras
Manu Smriti chapter 8 says
281. A low-caste man who tries to place himself on the same seat with a man of a high caste, shall be branded on his hip and be banished, or (the king) shall cause his buttock to be gashed.
282. If out of arrogance he spits (on a superior), the king shall cause both his lips to be cut off; if he urines (on him), the penis; if he breaks wind (against him), the anus. (End quote)
2. Even Kshatriya are not saved.
Manu Smriti Chapter 2 states:
135: Know that a Brahmana of ten years and Kshatriya of a hundred years stand to each other in the relation of father and son; but between those two the Brahmana is the father. (End quote).
And then they worship Yoni (goddess shakti’s private part) and Shiv ling (shiv organ). And then they drink cow dung. It is not just the text but they practice this as well.
May Allah guide them to Islam and give them courage to leave this shirk and filth.
Note: Translation taken from Sacred Texts website, from the laws of Manu.