Why is Abu Baqr titled As siddique or The Truthful

During his last days the Prophet (pbuh) made an anouncement: I have returned the obligations of every one who has obliged me, except Abu Baqr, only Allah can ruturn his obligations…… This statement means a lot to judge the stature of a man whose life remains a parameter of comparing one’s faith. If you put the faith of Abu Bakr in one weigh and the rest of the ummah in another, yet Abu Bakr’s faith would out come out heavier…

What makes this man stand one step up than all the other men who themselves belong to ‘ the best generation on the surface of the earth’. There are important descisions, valuable sacrifices, acts of courage and display of instant obedience to Allah and his Messenger by him during those moments when Islam and Muslims required utmost. These moments stand errect like land marks for any one who wants a way to Jannah.

Let me illustrate a few of them:

Though all the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were truthful yet Abu Baqr receives the honour of being titled as “As-siddique” , ‘The Truthful’ . The man, when offered Islam , did not waste a second to testify that Allah is only one with no partners and Prophet Muhammed is His Messenger (pbuh). It was a spontanious declaration of faith with no other examples matching it. Today even after declaring in our birth certificates, government records… that we are Muslims yet we hesistate in implementing many commands of Shariah inspite of being reminded repeatedly.

Though all the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were couragous yet Abu Baqr’s couragous descision to go ahead with the battle against the rebellious groups from the beduins who refused to pay zakah, presents a paramter of courage when at times you seem to be alone in taking a descision in a crises . A huge part of the Muslim army was already occupied on the other fronts so many advisors suggested Abu Baqr to wait till things get cool. Note down Abu Baqr’s statement: By Allah if no one comes with me I will go alone and fight with them……Kazzab Muslaima ‘The liar and the false Prophet’ was killed in this battle and the rebellion was uprooted, sending a message that even after the death of the Prophet, Islam will continue to flourish and no changes will be tolerated no matter how militantly some try to change it.

Today, Muslims are fighting for lands, for geographical disputes, for winning elections and forming governments, for promoting their sectarian views…..for all the reasons except for Tawheed.

That single night in the cave when the Prophet lay with his head on the lap of Abu Bakr , when a poisionous insect bit Abu Baqr , he bore the pain with patience for not disturbing the Prophet’s sleep, remains on the top amongst the examples of patience. Today, many of us get restless in just few minutes, sitting in a seminar to learn just a few lessons from the biography of the Prophet (pbuh).

The shortage of fund during the Battle of Tabuq prompted Abu Baqr to spend hundred percent of his possession in he way of Allah. Today many of us find it hard to share just 2.5 percent of their savings to give as zakah!

In the later days when one of his sons told him ” My father! In thebattle of Badr when I fought against you, twice I got you under my sword but I left you alive.. Abu Baqr replied ” By Allah if you would have got under my sword even once I would not have spared you…. Today many Muslims spare their children from hijab, from prayers not even asking them to do it.

For those who want to strenghten their faith should study the biography of Abu Baqr and judge where they stand in those qualities of Sabr, Courage, Wisdom, Generosity as compared to the “Siddique “. How rightly Allah says” This is the day when the truthful shall be rewarded for their truthfulness….Surah Maidah ch 5, verse 116

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala speaks and writes on Islam and Muslims he can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com