Ramadan Fiqh Issues HD Peace tv

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Impotant Note: The Complete Series of “Ramadan – A Date with Dr Zakir Naik” is being made available in HD in the following link

Insha Allah the complete Series of Episodes of “Ramadan Fiqh Issues” from Peace tv will be uploaded in HD and this Article will be regularly Updated with the Latest Episodes in HD Insha Allah. May Allah accept these efforts from us and the brothers who are recording this in HD. Ameen.

Episode 1: Virtues of Fasting


Episode 2: Rules of Fasting


Episode 3: Virtues of Night Prayer


Episode 4: Taraweeh in Congregation


Episode 5: Advantages of Fasting


Episode 6: Virtues of Ramadan 1


Episode 7: Virtues of Ramadan 2


Episode 8: Obligation of Fasting


Episode 9: Blessings in Breaking the Fast


Episode 10: Moon Sighting for Ramadan


Episode 11: Obligatory Conditions for fasting Part 1


Episode 12: Obligatory Conditions for fasting part 2


Episode 13: Ramadan Fiqh Issues


Episode 14: Things that Nullify the fast Part 1


Episode 15: Things that nullify the fast Part 2


Episode 16: Things that Nullify the fast part 3


Episode 17: Things that Nullify the fast part 4


Episode 18: Other Nullifiers and Clarifications part 1


Episode 19: Other Nullifers and Clarifications part 2


Episode 20: Intention or No?


Episode 21: Questions



Ramadan Pleasures

More to Come Insha Allah.