Qaadi Iyaad on the Life of Prophets in al Barzakh

The Hadith

Abu al-‘Aliya reported:
Ibn Abbas, the son of your Prophet’s uncle, told us that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had observed: On the night of my night journey I passed by Moses b. ‘Imran (peace be upon him), a man light brown in complexion, tall. well-built as if he was one of the men of the Shanu’a, and saw Jesus son of Mary as a medium-statured man with white and red complexion and crisp hair, and I was shown Malik the guardian of Fire, and Dajjal amongst the signs which were shown to me by Allah. He (the narrator) observed: Then do not doubt his (i. e. of the Holy Prophet) meeting with him (Moses). Qatada elucidated it thus: Verily the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), met Moses (peace be upon him).[Sahih Muslim 165 Book 1, Hadith 326]


Imam an-Nawawi quoted Qaadi Iyaad that:
. قال : فإن قيل كيف يحجون ويلبون وهم أموات وهم في الدار الآخرة وليست دار عمل فاعلم أن للمشايخ وفيما ظهر لنا عن هذا أجوبة :

أحدها أنهم كالشهداء بل هم أفضل منهم والشهداء أحياء عند ربهم فلا يبعد أن يحجوا ويصلوا كما ورد في الحديث الآخر وأن يتقربوا إلى الله تعالى بما استطاعوا لأنهم وإن كانوا قد توفوا فهم في هذه الدنيا التي هي دار العمل حتى إذا فنيت مدتها وتعقبتها الآخرة التي هي دار الجزاء انقطع العمل .
الوجه الثاني أن عمل الآخرة ذكر ودعاء قال الله تعالى : دعواهم فيها سبحانك اللهم وتحيتهم فيها سلام .

الوجه الثالث أن تكون هذه رؤية منام في غير ليلة الإسراء أو في بعض ليلة الإسراء كما قال في رواية ابن عمر – رضي الله عنهما – ” بينا أنا نائم رأيتني أطوف الكعبة ” وذكر الحديث في قصة عيسى – صلى الله عليه وسلم – .

الوجه الرابع أنه – صلى الله عليه وسلم – أري أحوالهم التي كانت في حياتهم ومثلوا له في حال حياتهم كيف كانوا وكيف حجهم وتلبيتهم كما قال – صلى الله عليه وسلم – : ( كأني أنظر إلى موسى ، وكأني أنظر إلى عيسى ، وكأني أنظر إلى يونس – عليهم السلام – .

الوجه الخامس أن يكون أخبر عما أوحي إليه – صلى الله عليه وسلم – من أمرهم وما كان منهم وإن لم يرهم رؤية عين . هذا آخر كلام القاضي عياض – رحمه الله – . والله أعلم .

“He (Qaadi) said, If it is said: How can they (The Prophets) prayed and said Talbiyah when they have died and they are in Dar al Akhirah which is not Dar al Amal. According to our knowledge the scholars have answered this (in different ways).

First Answer: They (the Prophets) are like Martyrs in fact better than them and the Martyrs are alive with there Lord. So their should be no problem in understanding their praying and doing Hajj as it is mentioned in another hadith, They try to get close to Allah as they can. Even though they have died in this world which is Dar al Amal. Untill the finite duration of this world will end and the day of judgment will come which is Dar al Jaza, Actions will be discontinued.

Second Answer: The Amal in the Akhirah is Dhikr and Dua as mentioned in the Qur`an: “Their way of request therein will be: “Glory to You, O Allah!” and “Salam”(10:10)

Third Answer: It can be a dream while sleeping which was seen other than the night of al Israa, or (it was seen) in a part of Layla tul Israa. As it is mentioned in the narration of Ibn Umar. “While I was sleeping I saw myself doing Tawaf of Kaba” and mentioned the hadith of Eesa Peace be upon him.

Fourth Answer: He peace be upon him was shown their lives, like how was the way of doing Hajj and Tawaf in their lives. As He peace be upon him said, as if I am seeing Moses, as if I am seeing Eesa, as If I am seeing Yunas Peace be upon them all.

Fifth Answer: He peace be upon him was informed through wahy that what was ordered for them He did not see with his eyes. End quote of Qaadi Iyaad Rahimullah and Allah knows best [Sharah Sahih Muslim Kitab al Eeman, Chapter of al Israa of Prophet peace be upon him]

Comment: This commentary proves the understandings of Ahlul Bidah that Prophets are alive in their graves like the life of this world and we can ask help from them is false, and the answers of the scholars of Ahlus sunnah are correct.