Ibn Battuta loved women and married women in most or every country he visited.

Ibn Battuta on beauty of indian women of Dolatabad.
He said:
الذين خص الله نساءهم بالحسن، وخصوصا فى الأنوف والحواجب، ولهن من طيب الخلوة والمعرفة أكثر بحركات الجماع ما ليس لغيرهن
Allah made them beautiful specially their nose and eyebrows they are tayyab in khilwat (I.e. in bed), knows many movements of sex, no other woman can match them. [al Rihla part 2 p. 178]
Ibn Battuta would marry women and then leave them and continue his journey.
For example, he wrote when he was in india:
وكنت متزوجاً بأخته حور نسب، وكانت صالحة تتهجد بالليل، ولها أوراد” من ذكر الله عز وجل، وولدت مني بنتاً، ولا أدري ما فعل الله فيها،
I married his (Sayyid Ibraheem’s) sister حور نسب She was very pious woman who used to pray tahajjud and do wazaif.. I had a daughter with her. Now I dont know what happened to them.
[al Rihla Ibn batoota, p, 500, Safar Nama Ibn Batoota part 2 urdu translation page 130]
Footnotes of urdu translation states: Mr Ibn batoota had a habit of marriages like this and he would leave them with Allah and continue his journey.. he was strange free man.
Ibn Battuta’s wives in Maldives.
When he left his pious wife in india, he went to Maldives. He said,
وللسمك الذي يغتذون به قوة عجيبة في الباءة لا نظير لها، ولأهل هذه الجزائر عجب من ذلك، ولقد كان لي بها أربع نسوة وجوار سواهن، فكنت أطوف على جميعهن كل يوم، وأبيت عند من تكون ليلتها، واقمت بها سنة ونصف أخرى على ذلك
Their fish gives wonderful Male Potency which is unparalleled and these people feel proud on that. I had four wives there and others (slave women) as well, I used to go to them every day and spend night with them, i stayed their for 1.5 years.
[al Rihla part 2 under his journey to Maldives]
These are not the only wives he had I just quoted a gist of it. He used to divorce on small issues like having arguments with father in law etc, Once he divorced his wives because his decisions as a Judge were not accepted and he left his 3 wives in the country and left for the next. Whenever he had money he used to buy female slaves and the best part is that the slaves would be of different ethnicity. In short, He lived a life he wanted.  He travelled the world, became a qadhi, had several slaves and wives. May Allah forgive his mistakes ameen.