Drumbeats of War: Are You Hearing Them?

One of the most common prophecy in world’s religious scripture is about a GREAT WAR… The Bible calls it the Battle of Armageddon.. The Hadith calls it ” Ummul Harb..” The Mother of all the Wars…We are told that in this war a large number of people will be killed. If Qiyamah is near then this war is also near. The drumbeats are heard in the boastful muscle flexings by various nations, groups, religious sects. Let us have a look at the world scenario.

Citizens all around the globe are standing up aloud in a rebellious mode, against their own governments in the streets of Cairo, Tripoli, Sana, Damascus,and the virus spreads to London and now Wall Street New York too…The issue is inflations, price raise and jobs…Even a nation like Israel had 20 million people on the streets of Teleaviv!

In many corners of the world, Religious Campaigning has replaced Imperialism. In Middle East and Far East, Nations are already against nations, the issues are boundary disputes and sectarian supremacy. The latest riots in Egypt between the coptic Christians and Arabs is an indication of a division of Egypt on Religious line. Remember that it happened in Indonesia’s East Trimor. A partition of a country on the bases of Religion. A slice like cake piece was cut down from Indonesia and a Christian nation was born.. same thing can happen in Egypt.

The sects are rolling up sleeves against their opponents turning into more fiery. The issues are, untolerable views and differences.. Infact from Lebnon to Islamabad there is a string of Shia Heads of States and blowing up of civilians is getting more common in this region. Let us hope that a full fledge war doesnt flare up between the Shias and Arabs.

In every major city of the world killing and murders are spreading and being reduced to corner news. The issue is greed for wealth.

Citizens, Politicians, Religious scholars and armies are getting more aggresive than before. Intolerance is all time high and people are getting more impatient.

The Dollar-Euro clash can any time turn into a military clash. With Europe turning into a Revival of Roman empire (Read Roman Catholism ) and US alleged to be a Christian country ruled by Zionists, insecurity is growing faster. Dont tell me that Christians dont fight will Christians. After all both the world wars were fought between the Christian Nations

On the Relgious front, the ban on Burkha and minarets reflects more political and legal attacks on Islam .It looks like it is Islam vs Democracy, Islam vs Secularism, Islam vs Capitalism, Islam vs West…It maybe the clash of civilisations or clash of currencies, or clash of ideologies or clash of greed.. what ever you may title but the outcome is war.

The Drumbeats are growing louder, it means the war is approaching closer.. are you hearing it? After all it requires only a spark to ignite a furious fire….

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala writes and speaks on Islam and Muslims. He can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com