Doctrine of Tawassul In the Light of Quran & Sunnah

This article is response to the so called “ahlus-sunna” website. They are trying to claim that we (Ahlus sunnah wal jamah) do not believe in tawassul. But the truth is that we believe in all the permissible types of Tawassul.

Sh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab (Rahimullah) said:

فكون بعض يرخص بالتوسل بالصالحين , وبعض يخصه بالنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، واكثر العلماء ينهىعن ذلك ويكرهه فهده المسأله من مسائل الفقه، وان كان الصواب عندنا قول الجمهور من انه مكروه , فلا ننكر على من فعله , ولا انكار في مسائل الاجتهاد، ولكن انكارنا على من دعا لمخلوق أعظم مما يدعو الله تعالى ويقصد القبر يتضرع عند ضريح الشيخ عبد القادر او غيره يطلب فيه تفريج الكربات واغاثه اللهفات وإعطاء الرغبات . فأين هذا ممن يدعو الله مخلصا له الدين لايدعو مع الله أحدا، ولكن يقول في دعائه: اسألك بنبيك أو بالمرسين أو بعبادك الصالحين , أو يقصد قبرا معروفا أو غيره يدعو عنده لكن لا يدعو الا الله مخلصا له الدين، فأين هذا مما نحن فيه

For some scholars to allow tawassul through the righteous, or for some to restrict it to the Prophet – SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa-sallam, while majority of the scholars forbidding and disliking it; (All) these issues are from fiqhi issues. Even though the correct opinion in our view is the majority opinion that it is disliked (Makrooh but), we still do not censure (criticize) one who practices it (this kind of tawassul), for there is no censuring in issues of ijtihad. However, our censure (criticism) of one who calls upon the creation (for help/waseela – such as “Oh so and so help me or Oh so and so ask Allah to help me”) , is greater than the criticism of one who calls upon Allah Ta’ala (alone by saying ” Oh lord have mercy on me for the sake of your love for your messenger and etc). (The reason our harshness towards the one who seeks help from the creation is more is ) because he travels to the grave beseeching, next to (for e.g) al-Sheikh ‘Abd al-Qadir (Jilaani may allah have mercy on him) or others, seeking the alleviation (removal) of calamities, aiding the grief-stricken, attaining the desirable (dua’a); Where is this all from one who calls upon Allah, purifying His religion for Him, not calling upon anyone besides Allah, except that he says in his supplication: I ask you by Your Prophet, messengers, or the righteous servants, or travels to Ma’ruf’s (famous personalities) grave or others’ to supplicate there, yet only supplicates to Allah, purifying the religion for Him, how is this relevant to what concerns us here?

Refutation of the artilce: The Doctrine of Tawassul In the Light of Qur'an & Sunnah

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