Abdul Hai Lakhnavi Hanafi according to brailwis and his aqeedah

Who was Abul Hasanaat Abdul Hayy Lucknawi Hanafi according to sufis.

It is mentioned in a Brailwi book, Tadhkirah Ullema Ahlus sunnah page 144, by Mahmud Ahmad Qadri.

“Hadrat Maulana Abdul Hayy Farangi Mahali May Allah have mercy on him.

His Kuniyah is Abul Hasanat, born in Banda, the month of,Zu Qada 1264 h. He memorised Quran at the age of 11 and at the age of 17 he learned other uloom. He learned from his father Maulana Abdul Haleem, He visited Haramayn two times, in 1279 h and 1296 h. He had an Ijazah of hadith from Shaykh al Islam Sayyed Ahmad Dahlaan Makki. An ocean of scholars benefited through his knowledge. He wrote dozens of books. He wrote rasaail in refutation of Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan bhopali regarding taqleed. at the age of 38 He did great things.

Hadrat Maulana Shah Muhammad Husayn Ilah Abadi and Hadrat Maulana Sayyed Ain ul Qadha Lakhanavi and other great scholars were his students.He died in Rabi al Awwal the 19th. His grave is plastered in the garden of maulana Anwar. I have visited his grave and read Faatiha on 9th Rabi at-Thani 1390 h i.e. 13th June 1970 at 12:05.” (end quote)

Fatwa of Abdul Hayy Lucknawi on shirk and innovations.

a) He is same Abdul Hayy Lucknawi Hanafi, who was asked.

What do you say regarding a person who has a creed that auliya know and hear the call for help from near and far?


This person has a false (faasid) aqeedah, rather there is a fear of kufr, this hearing of Auliya is not proven at all. The knowledge of all the things for all the eras is known to no one but Allah. [Farsi and Arabic Fatawa Abdul Hai page 502]

b) He was asked

What do you say regarding the habit of people that they ask help from Auliya and Anbiya thinking that they are Haazir Naazir (Omnipresent).


This is Prohibited rather clear shirk, as he believed in the knowledge of unseen for others beside Allah…

Mulla Ali al Qari said:… Ahnaaf clearly states; it is Kufr(disbelief) if someone has a creed that Prophets know knowledge of Unseen, because it is against the verse of Quran Surat An-Naml [verse 65] – Say, “None in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except Allah”

Fatawa Bazzaziya says:

“If someone married without witnesses and say: Allah and his Prophet , Angels are my witness, he is kafir because he thought that Prophet peace be upon him and Angels knows the unseen,

Fatawa Bazzaziyah also states.
“”And one becomes akafir with the statement that the souls of the mashaykh are present, and knowing”.”

[Farsi and Arabic Fatawa Abdul Hai Lakhnavi page 457-458]

c) Abdul Hayy Lucknawi al Hanafi said:

“..It should be noted that the barakah and veneration/respect is proven for the athaar of Prophet peace be upon him, that is specific for him (peace be upon him). It is prohibited to do same things to the athaar of others..” [Majmu Fatawa Abdul Hai 3/175-175, taken from as-Sunnah 73-78 page 83]

d) AAbdul Hayy Lucknawi said
ومنها ما يذكرونه من أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يحضر بنفسه في مجالس وعظ مولده عند ذكر مولده وبنوا عليه القيام عند ذكر المولد تعظيماً وإكراماً.
وهذا أيضا من الأباطيل لم يثبت ذلك بدليل، ومجرد الاحتمال والإمكان خارج عن حد البيان
They say that Prophet peace be upon him himself visits the majalis and preaching in Mawlid.. This is also falsehood and it is not proven..[Athaar alMarfooa fe akhbaar alModhua page 46]