A True love story of Taqi al Maqrizi and his wife

Love story of the great scholar and historian Taqi al din Maqrizi (766 h to 845 h) and his wife Safra bint Umar Umm Muhammad (770 h to 790 h).

He wrote a biography of his wife who died at the age of 20 only. He was 24 years of age at the time when she died and lived 55 years after her death.

He said

:واتفق أني كنت أكثر من الاستغفار لها بعد موتها فأريتها في بعض الليالي وقد دخلت علي بهيئتها التي كفنتها بها، فقلت لها: وقد تذكرت أنها ميتة: يا أم محمد: الذي أرسله إليك يصل ؟ أعني استغفاري. فقالت: نعم سيدي، في كل يوم تصل هديتك إلي، ثم بكت وقالت، قد علمت يا سيدي أني عاجزة عن مكافاتك. فقلت لها: لا عليك عما قليل نلتقي.
وكانت غفر الله لها مع صغر سنها من خير نساء زمانها عفة وصيانة وديانة وثقة وأمانة ورزانة ما عُوضت بعدها مثلها .
أبـكـي فـراقهم عيني فأرّقها إن الـتـفـرق للأحباب بكاء
ما زال يعدو عليهم ريب دهرهم حـتى تفانواوريب الدهر عدّاءُ
جمعنا الله بها في جنته وعمنا بعفوه ومغفرته.

I used to pray for her forgiveness frequently. Once I saw her in a dream.. I asked, O Umm Muhammad, whatever I send to you i.e. supplications for your forgiveness do you get that?

She replied: Yes MY Sayyid I get those gifts daily. Then she cried and said do you know my sayyid? I can’t repay your gifts…

May Allah forgive her even though she was young, she was best of the women of our time in chastity, wisdom, Diyanah, trustworthiness, Amanah… May Allah unite us in jannah..

[Durar al Uqood 2/99 no. 488]

Some notes.

1. He was student of the teachers of Ibn Hajr al Asqalani like Shaykh al Islam Siraj al Bulqini, Zayn al din al Iraqi and al Haythami.

2. He bashed grave worshipers as He said:

“Another group visit them and ask through them (i.e. Directly asking him, O Abdul Qadir Jelani Ask Allah for me) these people are doing shirk in Uluhiyyah and love.
A Group visits them and Ask help from them (i.e. O Sayyadi fulaan help me), The Prophet peace be upon him said: “O Allah! Do not make my grave an idol that is worshipped.” They are mushriqeen who are doing shirk in Rububiyah.”

[Tajreed al-Tawhid al-Mufeed page 70]

3. What he saw in a dream is actually true. As the hadith states:

“A mans status will be raised in Paradise and he will ask, How did I get here? He will be told, By your sons duaas (prayers) for forgiveness for you.” (Reported by Ibn Maajah, no 3660; see also Saheeh al-Jaami, 1617)