When Abu Hanifa silenced atheists on existence of Allah

Jaw breaking response of Imam Abu Hanifa to the Atheists on Existence of Allah.

Ibn Kathir mentioned:

وعن أبي حنيفة أن بعض الزنادقة سألوه عن وجود الباري تعالى، فقال لهم دعوني فإني مفكر في أمر قد أخبرت عنه ذكروا لي أن سفينة في البحر موقرة فيها أنواع من المتاجر وليس بها أحد يحرسها ولا يسوقها، وهي مع ذلك تذهب وتجيء، وتسير بنفسها وتخترق الأمواج العظام حتى تتخلص منها، وتسير حيث شاءت بنفسها من غير أن يسوقها أحد، فقالوا هذا شيء لا يقوله عاقل، فقال ويحكم هذه الموجودات بما فيها من العالم العلوي والسفلي، وما اشتملت عليه من الأشياء المحكمة، ليس لها صانع فبهت القوم، ورجعوا إلى الحق، وأسلموا على يديه

It is narrated from Abu Hanifa that some Zindeeqs asked him about existence of Allah tala. He said, leave it I am thinking about something else. People informed me that there is a ship in the ocean in which there are goods for Business. No one is there to guard it and no one is driving it. But still the ship goes and comes, and travels by itself, and it penetrates the waves of ocean by itself. And it goes wherever it wants by itself without anyone driving it.

The zindeeqs said (What are you thinking) No sane man can think like this (i.e. how can a ship goes by itself in the ocean and no one is driving it?)

Abu Hanifa said: You cannot imagine one ship running without someone looking after its affairs. Yet you think that for this whole world, which runs exactly and precisely, there is no one who looks after it and no one owns it.

All of them accepted the truth and became Muslim on his hands. (Rough translation)

(Tafsir Ibn Kathir under al Baqarah verse 22)

Whether the narration is proven or not. The answer was perfectly fine.