Sumayyah the first martyr of Islam.

Sumayyah Umm Ammar the first Martyr of Islam.

Ibn Hajr al asqalani said:

والدة عمار بن ياسر كانت سابعة سبعة في الاسلام عذبها أبو جهل وطعنها في قبلها فماتت فكانت أول شهيدة في الاسلام ..قال بن إسحاق في المغازي حدثني رجال من آل عمار بن ياسر أن سمية أم عمار عذبها آل بني المغيرة على الاسلام وهي تأبى غيره حتى قتلوها.. وجاء أبو جهل إلى سمية فطعنها بحربة فقتلها أخرجه أبو بكر بن أبي شيبة عن جرير عن منصور عن مجاهد وهو مرسل صحيح السند .. وأخرج بن سعد بسند صحيح عن مجاهد قال أول شهيد في الاسلام سمية والدة عمار بن ياسر وكانت عجوزا كبيرة ضعيفة ولما قتل أبو جهل يوم بدر قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم لعمار قتل الله قاتل أمك

The mother of Ammar ibn Yasir, (may Allah be pleased with her), was the seventh person in Islam, She was tortured by Abu Jahl who stabbed her in the abdomen which caused her death. She is considered a first martyr in Islam… Ibn Ishaq said men from the family of Ammar ibn Yasir reported to him that Sumayyah, the mother of Ammar, was tortured by the Banu Mughira tribe (i.e Abu Jahl, who was from that tribe) for her refusal to renounce Islam until they killed her. Abu Jahl came to Sumayyah and stabbed her with a spear, killing her. This narration is mentioned by Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah, from Jarir, who narrated it from Mansur, who narrated it from Mujahid, and it is a mursal sound chain of transmission.. Ibn Sa’d also mentioned it with a sound chain of transmission from Mujahid, who said, “Sumayyah, the mother of Ammar ibn Yasir, was the first martyr in Islam”. She was an old and weak woman. When Abu Jahl was killed on the day of Badr, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said to Ammar, ‘Allah has killed your mother’s killer.'”

الإصابة – ابن حجر – ج ٨ – الصفحة ١٩٠


Mulla Ali al qari said:

أم عمار ، وهي قد أسلمت بمكة ، وعذبت لترجع عن دينها ، فلم ترجع ، وطعنها أبو جهل فماتت .

The mother of Ammar, who had embraced Islam in Makkah, was tortured to make her renounce her faith, but she did not came back (to their religion of shirk). Abu Jahl stabbed her, and she died.

Mirqaat al mafateeh hadeeth no. 5878

The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) passed by ‘Ammaar and his family while they were being tortured and he said to them: “Have glad tiding, family of Ammaar and family of Yaasir, your destination is Paradise.”

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Al-Haakim, said: “It (This Hadeeth) is Saheeh (sound) according to the condition of Muslim, but neither Al-Bukhaari nor Muslim reported it).” Ath-Thahabi corroborated him, and Al-Albaani classified it as Saheeh in “As-Seerah An-Nabawiyyah”.