Evidence for Standing in Mawlid & Sufis against this practice

When sufis were unable to find evidence for standing in Mawlid Shareef of Rasool Allah peace be upon him, they provided a strange evidence for it which is as follows:

After quoting a story from the book of Ali ibn Burhan ud din Halbi (Seerah Halbiyah) that also without a chain that once as-Subki (d 756 h) and scholars of his time were hearing a poetry in praise of Prophet peace be upon him, they stood up. Ghazzali e Zaman Ahmad Saeed Kazmi Brailwi said in his book Meelad un Nabi peace be upon him:

“IT IS PROVEN, it is enough to follow as-Subki and the scholars of his time on the issue of Standing in mawlid” [Meelad un Nabi page 58]


One can see how good is their evidence?.Then he quoted the verse for standing in Mawlid

“ask [ Allah to confer] blessing upon him and ask [ Allah to grant him] peace.” [33:56]

Without quoting any Sahaba, Tabiyeen or any Sunni Mufassir he did his own tafsir of this verse i.e. this is evidence of standing in Mawlid? I just want to quote even those sufis who allowed mawlid celebrations said standing in mawlid has nothing to do with Islam.

1. Muhammad bin Yusaf as-Saalihi who (allowed only charity and dhikr in mawlid) said
جرت عادة كثير من المحبين إذا سمعوا بذكر وضعه صلى الله عليه وسلم أن يقوموا تعظيما له صلى الله عليه وسلم، وهذا القيام بدعة لا أصل لها
“It has become a habit amongst many of the (false) lovers of the Prophet peace be upon him that whenever they organise a gathering in his (peace be upon him) remembrance they stand up in his veneration, whereas this standing is an innovation which has no basis.”[Subl al-Hudaa War-Rishaad (1/415 under the heading of Alerts, Alert no: 2)]

2. Abdul Hayy Lucknawi said

ومنها ما يذكرونه من أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم يحضر بنفسه في مجالس وعظ مولده عند ذكر مولده، وبنوا عليه القيام عند ذكر المولد تعظيماً وإكراماً.

وهذا أيضا من الأباطيل لم يثبت ذلك بدليل، ومجرد الاحتمال والإمكان خارج عن حد البيان)

They say that Prophet peace be upon him himself visits the majalis and preach Mawlid in dhikr of Mawlid, they stand in Mawlid in veneration and Ikram, This is also falsehood and it is not proven which is not proven from evidence..[Athaar alMarfooa fe akhbaar alModhua page 46]

3. Ibn Hajar al Haytamee said
ونظير ذلك فعل كثير عند ذكر مولده ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) ووضع أمه له من القيام وهو أيضاً بدعة لم يرد فيه شيء على أن الناس إنما يفعلون ذلك تعظيماً له ( صلى الله عليه وسلم ) فالعوام معذورون لذلك بخلاف الخواص
And example of this is the practice of Many people stand at the time of dhikr and mawlid of Rasool Allah peace be upon him. This is an innovation because there is no hadith mentioned regarding this issue. Even if people do it in veneration of him (peace be upon him) But the lay people can be excused because they don’t know. But specials (scholars) can not be excused [Fatawa Hadithiya page no: 60 under the heading مطلب في أن القيام في أثناء مولده الشريف بدعة لا ينبغي فعلها]

4. Qadhee Naseer ud deen said in ‘Tareeqat as-Salaf,’
وقد احدث بعض جهال المشائخ امورا كثيرة لا نجد لها اثر فى كتاب و لا فى سنة منها القيام عند ذكر ولادت سيدا لانام عليه التحية والسلام
“Some of the Jaahil (ignorant) Shaikhs have invented many new things which have no basis in the Quraan or the Sunnah, from these affairs is the standing in the celebrations of the Prophets Birthday.”[Quoted by Allama Shams ul Haq Adeemabadi (1273-1329) in his Fatawa page 166]

5. Qadi Shihab ud din Dolat Abadi (d 894 h) said:
وما يفعله الجهال على رأس كل حول وشهر ربيع الأول ليس بشىء ويقومون عند ذكر مولده صلى الله عليه وسلم ويزعمون ان روحه يجيء و حاضر فزعمهم باطل وهذا الاعتقاد شرك
On the start of year and in the month of Rabi ul Awwal in the name of Mawlid of peace be upon him Ignorant do something that has no value. They claim that his (peace be upon him) soul comes and (he peace be upon him is) present. This is False and this creed is shirk.
[Majmoo Fatawa 1/27, Tohfa tul Qadha of Qadi Shihab ud din, Taken from Tasheeh al Aqaid of Shaykh Muhammad Raees Nadwi page 190 and Fatawa Shaykh Shams al Haq Adeemabadi page 166]

6. Mulla Ali al Qari said:
وأن الصحابة رضي الله عنهم ما كانوا يقومون له – صلى الله عليه وسلم – تعظيما له ، مع أنه سيد الخلق ؛ لما يعلمون من كراهيته لذلك
The Companions would not stand in veneration of Prophet peace be upon him. Even though He (peace be upon him) was their leader but they knew He (peace be upon him) disliked this practice. [Mirqaat al Mafateeh Kitab al Adab, Chapter al Qiyaam]