Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani and the dead who can’t harm or benefit

1. Shaykh Abdul Qadir jilani rahimahullah on the righteous dead who can’t harm or benefit and can’t speak.
Note: This is wasiya of Shaykh Abdul Qadir jilani rahimahullah to those who don’t repent in Ramadhan.
Shaykh Abdul Qadir al Jilani said:
أين الصوام القوام الموافقون لكم في سالف الأعوام، وأين من كان معكم ليالي شهر رمضان شاهدين، وفي كل حق الله معاملين من الآباء والأمهات والإخوة والأخوات والجيرة والقرابات، أتاهم والله هادم اللذات وقاطع الشهوات ومفرق الجماعات، فأخلى منهم المشاهد، وعطل منهم المساجد، تراهم في بطون الألحاد صرعى، لا يجدون لما هم فيه دفعًا، ولا يملكون لأنفسهم ضرًا ولا نفعًا، ينتظرون يومًا الأمم فيه إلى ربها تدعى، والخلائق تحشر إلى الموقف وتسعى.
Where are the fasting people who were fasting with you in last years? Where are those who witnessed the nights of ramadhan with you? Where are Your parents, siblings and friends? By Allah the destroyer of pleasures (death) has reached them. Their mashahid and mosques are empty.. They CAN’T HARM OR BENEFIT themselves. They are waiting for the day when people will gather towards their Creator. [Ghuniyatul Talibeen page 262]
Then he said about the righteous and sinners buried in the graves:
اللهم وأهل القبور رهائن ذنوب لا يطلقون، وأسارى وحشة لا يفكون، وغرباء سفر لا ينتظرون، محت دراسات الثرى محاسن وجوههم، وجاورتهم الهوام في ملاحد قبورهم، فهم جمود لا يتكلمون، وجيران قرب لا يتزاورون، وسكان لحد إلى الحشر لا يظعنون، وفيهم محسنون ومسيؤون، ومقصرون ومجتهدون.
O Allah the people in graves can’t get rid of their sins, They can’t free themselves, They can’t be given time… They are dead and CAN’T SPEAK, They can’t meet each other, They can’t move until the day of judgement. Among them are those who are Mohsinoon (Righteous), Sinners, Those who have failed and those who went a head.
[Ghuniyatul Talibeen page 262]

2. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani showed his anger towards those who ask help from the creatures like them:
يا من يشكو إلى الخلق مصائبه إيش ينفعك شكواك إلى الخلق لا ينفعونك ولا يضرونك ، وإذا اعتمدت عليهم وأشركت في باب الحق يبعدونك وفي سخطه يوقعونك وعنه يحجبونك أنت يا جاهل تدعي العلم من جملة جهلك بشكواك إلى الخلق
O you who complain your hardship his calamities to the creatures like him.. They never give you benefit nor take a harm from you. And if you repent on them and you set them as partners in regards to the matter of Allah. They will distant you from Allah. They will be throwing you, O you who ignorant claiming to be having knowledge. Seeking salvation from difficulties by addressing your complain to those creatures like you?.[Fath al-Rabbani page 117-118]

3. He showed his anger who ask other than Allah.
ويلك! ماتستحي تطلب من غير الله عزوجل وهو أقرب إليك من غيره
Woe to you, Aren’t you ashamed to seek your need and help from someone other than Allah, While HE is closer to you than all others.[Fath al-Rabbani page 159]

4. He also said
لا تدع مع الله أحدا كما قال الله عزوجل وَأَنَّ الْمَسَـجِدَ لِلَّهِ فَلاَ تَدْعُواْ مَعَ اللَّهِ أَحَداً
Do not call anyone beside Allah as Allah said And the Masjids are for Allah, so invoke not anyone along with Allah[Fath al-Rabbani page 184]

Now a days brailwis ask Prophet peace be upon him and Shaykh Jilani in Masajid naudhubillah

5. He said
اتبعوا و لا تبتدعوا، وافقوا و لا تخالفوا، أطيعوا و لا تعصوا، أخلصوا و لا تشركوا، وحدوا الحق عزّ و جلّ و عن بابه فلا تبرحوا. سلوه و لا تسألوا غيره، استعينوا به و لا تستعينوا بغيره، توكلوا عليه و لا تتوكلوا على غيره.
“Follow and obey and do not innovate. Agree with the religion and do not differ, obey and do not disobey, have sincerity and do not do Shirk. Accept Allaah as one and do not turn away from him. Ask Allaah and do not ask others. Ask him for help and do not ask anyone else for help. Have reliance and trust in him and do not have reliance in anyone else.” (al-Fath ur-Rabbaanee (pg.191,192 الفتح الرباني للجيلاني المجلس السابع والأربعون ).

6. He also said
لاتسئل الخلق شئياً فانهم عجزة فقراء لايملكون لانفسهم ولالغيرهم ضراً ولا نفعا
“Do not ask the creation for anything, for they are powerless and in need. They do not possess for themselves and nor for anyone apart from them any harm or benefit.”[Fath al-Rabbani, majlis # 50 p.209]

7. His Advice

Now even after these clear statements, if someone says “no no, he told his followers to ask from him and Prophet peace be upon him”, okay, even for the SAKE OF ARGUMENT that he did say these things to his followers, then the answer is that he repented from all those things because when he was sick and about to die. He advised his son by saying:

ولا تخف أحدًا ولا ترجه، وكِل الحوائج كلها إلى الله عز وجل، واطلبها منه، ولا تثق بأخد سوى الله عزوجل ولا تعتمد إلا عليه سبحانه التوحيد التوحيد التوحيد وجماع الكل التوحيد
Don’t fear anyone and don’t hope anyone, and address all your needs to Allah alone, seek your need from him.. and do not depend on anyone other than Allah atTawheed, atTawheed, atTawheed.[Fath al-Rabbani page 373]

Note: There is a qaseedah attributed to him by his followers which states
“My drums have been beaten in the heavens and earth, and I have been given the rank of Good Luck. The empire of Allah is under my Command, and my time has been purified before birth.”

This qaseedah is not proven from him

Ibn Katheer (may Allah have mercy on him) said:
He had a dignified bearing, and he kept quiet except for enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil; he had very little interest in worldly gain (i.e., he was an ascetic); miracles were attributed to him; his followers and companions spoke a great deal about him and narrated from him his words, actions and miracles, but most of the reports about his miracles are exaggerated. He was righteous and pious, and wrote books called al-Ghunyah and Futooh al-Ghayb, in which there are good things and in which he also quoted da‘eef (weak) and mawdoo‘ (fabricated) hadeeths. To sum up, he was one of the leading shaykhs. [Al-Bidaayah wa’n-Nihaayah, 12/768]