Respone to Nabhani by al Alusi on asking help from dead

Nabhani the sufi was surprised to see that Khayr al din al Alusi al Hanafi (author of Jala al Aynayn) said asking help from dead is shirk and that he defended Ibn Taymiyyah, Nabhani said:
هو مذهب الوهّابية لا مذهب الحنفية.
“This is the Madhab of Wahabis not Hanafis.”

Mahmud Shukri al Alusi defended his uncle (Author of Jala al Aynayn who was son of Al Alusi the author of Tafsir Ruh al Ma’ani) and quoted the scholars of Hanafi school of thought against him by saying:

“I have already mentioned that the quotes mentioned in “Jala al Aynayn” are with the four school of thoughts, Especially the Madhab of Abu Hanifa Rahimullah. The books of Madhab Abi Hanifa are against the innovations of extremists, like the books of Shafis, Malikis and others. This is the famous madhab of people of Madinah that to close the doors of innovations.

Whatever great scholars of Hanafi Madhab wrote regarding asking Allah by giving him qasam of creation keeps the eyes of a Mawahhid cool….

Abul Hasan Quduri states in “Sharah Kitab al Karkhi” that “Bishr Ibn al-Walid said: ‘Abu Yusuf (the students of Imam Abu Hanifa) narrated to us that Abu Hanifa said: ‘It is not right that anyone should supplicate to Allah except by Him , and I hate that anyone should say: ‘By the right of so and so’ or ‘By the right of your Prophets and Messengers’ or ‘By the right of your sacred house” and I don’t like that a person who made supplication should say: ‘O Allah I ask you by the glory of Your Throne.” Abul Hasan said: It is Munkar to ask with the right of ghayr Allah because ghayr Allah have no right over Allah but Allah have right over them….

Ibn al Baldaji (599 h to 683 h) said in “Sharah al Mukhtar”: It is disliked to ask Allah with (the right of someone). Do not say O Allah I ask you by the right of so and so and your Angels and Messengers and like that because there is no right of the creation over their creator….

It is mentioned in the fatawa Abi Muhammad bin Abdus Salam: “It is not allowed to ask Allah for something by the creation, be it Messengers or others. He stopped at the messenger of Allah peace be upon him because he was not aware of the authenticity of the hadith in which it is mentioned…..

Imam Muhammad al Barqivi Hanafi who was among the Akaabireen Hanafi scholars of Turk, mentioned these type of things in his book “at Tareeqah al Muhammadiyah” He also mentioned this in his another book “Ziyarah al Qaboor” by reading it the illness of shirk will be vanished.

Its mentioned in Fatawa Bazaazia which is a Hanafi fatawa book

“Our Scholars Say, Whoever say that souls of Mashaikhs are Present and knowing have committed Kufr.”

Shaykh Sun’ Allah al-Halabi al Hanafi said in his book “”الرد على من ادّعى أن للأولياء تصرفات في الحياة وبعد الممات على سبيل الكرامة”

“………And they say among them are Abdaal, Nuqaba, Awtaad and Nujaba. Among them seventy seven have specialties, and forty four are specific and the qutb is helper of people. This is their fabrication as mentioned by Qadhi and Muhaddith Ibn al Arabi in “Siraaj al Mureedayn” and also mentioned by Ibn Jawzi and Ibn Taymiyah.”

Hanafiya and other books of Madaahib mentioned this many times, May Allah have mercy on the scholars of Sunnah who already clarified the false objections of the objector…

[Ghayat al Eemani 2/78-83]