Presenting yourself to a righteous man or woman for marriage

Imam Bukhari made a Chapter

A woman can present herself to a righteous man (for marriage) Sahih al-Bukhari 5120

Ibn Hajr commented:

وفي الحديثين جواز عرض المرأة نفسها على الرجل وتعريفه رغبتها فيه وأن لا غضاضة عليها في ذلك ، وأن الذي تعرض المرأة نفسها عليه بالاختيار لكن لا ينبغي أن يصرح لها بالرد بل يكفي السكوت .

According to these two ahadith It is allowed for a woman to present herself to a man and (letting him know about) her wish to marry, there is nothing wrong in it… And it is not appropriate for him to reject clearly (if he don’t like the proposal), rather it is enough to remain silent. [Fath al Bari under 5121]

al Qurtubi said:

فمن الحسن عرض الرجل وليته، والمرأة نفسها على الرجل الصالح، اقتداء بالسلف الصالح

It is commendable for a man to present (his daughter or relative), and for a woman to present herself to a righteous man, this is following the example of the righteous predecessors.

Tafsir al Qurtubi Surah al Qasas verses 23-28