Mawlid celebrations are prohibited with the consensus

Mawlid celebrations are not allowed with the consensus of sunni scholars.

Allama Siddique Hasan Khan summarized beautifully regarding the difference of opinion of later scholars regarding Mawlid.

He said:
Those who say its allowed are much lesser than those who say its not allowed, and they (those who say its allowed) say only making food and providing it (to the poor) and things related to his (peace be upon him) birth should be mentioned (in Mawlid). And we (Siddique Hasan) have already mentioned that now this mawlid is means of Munkir things. And there is no one who said mawlid is allowed in this way. So, the method of mawlid which is practiced now a days is prohibited with the agreement. [Fatawa Siddique Hasan Khan page 661]



He said this 200 years ago, the situation now is worst. In short, Mawlid celebrations are prohibited even according to those who said its allowed to give charity, fasting, feeding poor and nothing else.