Mahmud Shukri al Alusi praising scholars of Najd

Mahmud Shukri al Alusi was Grandson of al Alusi Kabeer the author of Ruh al Ma`ani, He praised the scholars of Najd and their movement and refuted the claim that they violated the sanctity of Mecca and Madina.

He said while refuting Nabhani the sufi:
فإن الذين أطلق عليهم اسم الوهابية- إطلاقاً غلطأً- هم أهل نجد وهم حنابلة من خيار أهل السنة، وهم من أتباع الإمام أحمد في الفروع لا من أتباع ابن تيمية، وأما في العقائد والأصول فهم ليسوا بمقلّدين لأحد فيها، وهم لم يبتدعوا شيئاً في الدين يكونون به فرقة أخرى، ولم يتخذوا مع الله آلهة أخرى كما اتخذه الغلاة.

Those who are known as Wahabis which in itself is a wrong ascription – are in fact are the people of Najd and they are Hanbalis, and are the best  people of approved path. They are followers of Imam Ahmad in fiqh and are not followers of Ibn Taymiyyah. As regards to Aqaid and Usul, they are not blind followers of any great Imam. And they have not innovated anything in the religion to make a separate sect of their own. They do not take anyone other than Allah for their deity to be worshiped as the extremists bigot do. [Ghayat al Amani 1/363]

He is talking about extreme sufis and one such incident he mentioned where a follower of Rifaai Tariqah said, Ahmad Kabeer Rifaai can see, listen and aid every person in the world who call upon him in different places of the world.

He then said

:وما كان من الحروب في نجد بين رؤسائهم أي ذنب لهم فيه، وهم لم يبدأوا أحداً بحرب ولا ضرب حتى يبدأ الغير به، فحينئذ يدافعون عن أنفسهم، ودفع الصائل مأمور به، فلم يحصل منهم ضرر على الشريعة بل هم أكثر المسلمين محاماة عليها كما سبق. وأما سادساً: أن ما ينقل عن أهل نجد مما فعلوه بالحرمين لا أصل له كما لا يخفى على من طالع كتب تواريخهم، وفي كتاب (منهاج التأسيس في الرد على ابن جرجيس) وتتمته نبذة من ذلك، وجزيرة العرب تشمل الحرمين، بل هما الجزيرة بلسان الشرع، فلا وجه لعطف الجزيرة على الحرمين.

There had been no wars in the land of Najd among their chiefs which entailed sinfulness to them, except that they did not start any war. or come into clash till the other started in defence.

Sixthly Whatever is reported about the people of Najd that they violated the sanctity of Mecca and Madina. It is unfounded and has no basis. It will be evident to him who should care to study the books relating to the recent history of the land. The work entitled the “Minhaj al Tasees fe Radd al Ibn Jirjees” and the supplement thereto contain some glimpses into the history of the wahabi movement. The Peninsula of Arabia comprises the Two Harams, nay rather both of them are knows as “al Jazira” in the language of Shariya. [Ghayat al Amani 1/364]