ISLAM WILL NOT BE A THREAT IF: Reply to Agniveer Article

Islam will not be a threat if…

We are asked innumerable times the same question – Why Agniveer is so obsessed with questioning Islam? The answer however remains the same – the dominant version of Islam today, as preached by likes of Zakir Naik, Osama Bin Laden, Talibanis, Saudi Mullahs etc are the greatest threat for humanity today.


Well Islam doesn’t depend on any individual or on his ideology, the Islam as you’re portraying or understanding is wrong. Regarding Zakir Naik (as you first took his name) he himself preaches that believe what is proven from Quran and Sunnah, not his own opinion. Similarly when Qur’an has clearly stated that Surah Al Maidah Chapter 5 Verse 32 that :

“Because of that We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder, or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”

When it is surprising a religion which prohibits killing innocent ones how can it be a threat to humanity? In spite of this people who are the followers of their desires and want to spread mischief amongst the human kind they will not agree with Islam because at the same time Islam states unequivocally about Justice that :

“O Ye who believe! be ye maintainers of justice, bearers of testimony for Allahs sake, though it be against yourselves or your parents or kindred. Be he rich or poor, Allah is nigher unto either wherefore follow not the passion, lest ye deviate. If ye incline or turn away, then verily of that which ye work Allah is ever Aware.”

(Surah An-Nisa Chapter 4 Verse 135)

And at the same time regarding other Muslis Osama Bin Laden etc, we nobody can trust on Media which always show Double Standards. Neither the information comes from the Media can be authentic.

Let us have a look at here : Mumbai based businessman arrested for ‘raping’ his own daughters for 9 years on saying of a Tantrik.

Now how much true it is? Do we blame the Hindus for this Tantrik? Or the Indian Government? Or the Media?

Now still our Qur’an says that whenever any information comes to you first verify it then propagate it.

Al-Qur’an (49:6)

A large number of articles on the site expose the fraudulent claims of witchdoctors of Islam like Zakir Naik and showcase why it is utter foolishness to regard only Quran as final word of Allah and all the rest of the books on earth as redundant for seeking Him. We have explored fallacies and contradictions in Quran, status of women in Islam, fanaticism and its cause in Islam and host of other topics. The impact has been tremendous and we have now a huge number of rational Muslims seeking ways to wiggle out of clutches of fanatic Islam. Many have agreed to believe in Rebirth and Theory of Karma. Others admit that all the Sahih Hadiths (True Sayings of Muhammad) are not true, unlike claims of the clerics that those who refuse to believe in Sahih Hadiths would go to Hell.

Today we have several hundred pages of ‘summarized’ content on Islam on the site. Thus it becomes confusing for a newcomer to grasp the core essence. Hence we present here the key concerns with Islam why it is the greatest threat for humanity today.

Our Answer :

Brother I request you to don’t use words like foolishness or etc because it will spread hatred, see the beauty of the Qur’an :

Call them unto the way of thy Lord with Wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them with that which is best. ( Surah An-Nahl Chapter 16 Verse 125 )

So if you want to bring people together on one single platform please be wise in calling towards it. Brother don’t get annoyed if you have any verse or claim from your scriptures that your Scripture is the final word of God, then it is good to spread but since we find in the Qur’an that it is the last word of God Almighty and its beauty and not corrupted since 1400 years it is a fact itself that not only Muslims but also Non-Muslims accepted this fact. Whenever we have to believe in a thing everybody first check its authenticity, but how can we trust a scripture as a whole or to be the word of God Almighty to which their own people doesn’t know when it came into existence. As for your errors or misunderstanding as I have read out your articles it is your misunderstanding of Islam, and in the very same site your articles have been replied. I just point out some Big Errors from your articles which a common Muslim child even knew.

You’re confused in your Article Was Islam a Revelation of Allah, that whether Adam is Prophet or not, The concept of God as to which Muslims believe, whether Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger or not etc. These are very Basic Beliefs and proven directly from Quran and Sunnah and the Salaf as I stated in that article of mine.

Well Regarding your Karma theory and Rebirth, if you compare many then in fact Muslims are large in numbers than the Hindus, not only Muslims the Christians as well and they don’t believe in the theory what you propounded. But in Islam and naturally the Justice is that Majority is not a proof to accept something, as I mentioned previously the Media showed that the Tantric Influenced Man raped her own daughter, so whatever the Majority says will you accept it ?. Maybe you can brother, but a sensible person will see the truth not the majority. Brother as I advised you that Islam doesn’t depend on any sect or individual ideology but rather on Quran and Sunnah and the Understanding of Salaf, So as the Shias doesn’t believe in Qur’an similarly if someone doesn’t believe in Hadiths, then it is against the Quran and Sunnah thus rejected. Islam is simple and easy, follow the Quran and Sunnah.

We shall not get into analysis of scriptures here. On contrary, we would assume that scholars and major schools of Islam like Zakir Naik, Darul Uloom, Barelvi, Qadiyani etc represent true Islam in their own rights. We would also assume that they know more about Islam than Agniveer or anyone else questioning Islam. So if these prominent ‘experts’ and representatives of Islam can issue the following verdicts and their stands on these topics very clearly in most unambiguous terms, there would be no reason for anyone to consider Islam to be a threat. And Agniveer would be more than glad to remove all articles on Islam. Further it would launch a pro-active campaign to urge all other so-called anti-Islamic sites to shut downs.

Our Answer:

Brother we urge you to read Quran and Sunnah Under any Good Scholar, don’t look what the different sect says.

The verdicts we demand from these ‘experts’ are most reasonable and rational and have nothing offensive about it. It is the absence of clarity on following issues that causes all rational minds to be scared of Islamic terrorism and doubt even innocent fellow Muslims.

So Islam will not be perceived as a threat if, the clerics and experts state that:

1. It is not necessary that all non-Muslims, regardless of their good deeds, will burn in Hell forever. Thus, if there is a benevolent non-Muslim who refuses to believe in Quran, despite being given an invitation to embrace Islam, because he or she did not find Quran convincing, or because he or she does know Arabic, or a host of other reasons, it does not mean he or she is disqualified from entering into Heaven and must burn in Hell forever.

For example, the great saints, freedom fighters, soldiers and social workers who lived a pious life, knew about Quran, but remained non-Muslim because Quran did not appeal to them, would not go to Hell. (Refer following video by Islamic terrorist Zakir Naik where he gives a most stupid logic that can impress only psychopaths)

Brother suppose if someone doesn’t believe in Qur’an then why does he fear for hell? A person who has not yet joined school why does he fear to complete his homework, but when if someone is convinced with Qur’an it is his own choice to accept or reject, surely nobody will force you to accept Islam as mentioned in Qur’an Chapter 2 Verse 256 that “There is no Compulsion in Religion”. So it is for those who is already in the School means in Islam, so when they’re convinced, nobody is forcing (if anybody was forcing to accept Islam then all the people would have been Muslims in India because Muslims ruled over them) you or them who doesn’t believe, so when they doesn’t believe then why they are disturbed?. A Normal man will never be disturbed from a thing on which he doesn’t belief.

2. It is not necessary that a criminal would go to Heaven simply because he surrenders to Quran and Islam and says a ‘sorry’!. So all those terrorists who kill, rape or loot in name of Islam would go to Hell and should be openly condemned by Muslims regardless of their religion.

It is again, this question arises here. The Problem would have been arises if there is an Islamic Government and the Muslim ruler Punishes the sinful people for example Qur’an states punishment for robbers to chop off their hands. But when the case of any Muslim comes he would forgive him due to his sorry. But in reality that is not the case if any person commit any crime if it is proven then he will be punished as the punish is mentioned. As for the punishment after the life of death, if somebody doesn’t believe in the Quran then why he has to fear the Quranic punishment in Hell. And those who believe they don’t have problem. And those who don’t believe how can they have problem? When Qur’an clearly states to do Justice. However in several places in Quran and Sunnah the sinners are told to be punished whether they’re Muslim or Non-Muslim.

3. A woman is not bereft of intelligence or half-intelligent compared to men as claimed in several verses of Quran/ Hadiths. Allah allows women the same social, legal and political opportunities in life that He endows to men.

Read here for reply to this allegation :

4. The concept of Jazia tax on non-Muslims is disgusting. Social, political and criminal regulations should be same for everyone regardless of religion.

5. The English translations of Quran by likes of Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, Dawood; Tafseers of Sahih International, Jalalyn; Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim as published by Islamic publishers and websites suffer from discrepancies and DO NOT correctly represent Islam.

Because these are the only translations which are used for questioning Islam. The Muslim debaters would refuse to admit that these translations are wrong (because Islam forbids them to condemn other Muslims) but yet try to allege that anti-Islamic material is used to demean Islam!

The fact is that ONLY Islamic texts published by Islamic publishers is used to question Islam, be it by Agniveer or by Faith Freedom or by Islam Watch etc. So if there is anything objectionable in sources cited by those questioning Islam, the ‘experts’ should clearly state that they reject the authenticity of the sources even if it is an Islamic publication.

Well Quran has been revealed in Arabic, so the Translation is the work of Human being. So the chances of error arise in the Human work, and every Scholar including Zakir Naik told several times in his lectures that Translation 100 percent cannot be correct. So better is to learn and Read Arabic.

6. The Sahih (True) Hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) which talk of rape of war victims, or killing children and other disgusting things (refer Zakir Naik claims Islam – The ONLY Practical Religion of World! and Practical Islam – Science of Hygiene ) are wrong and NOT part of Islam.

I already stated previously that Islam is based upon Quran and Sunnah, so due to your misunderstanding we don’t anything, but brother it is you who have to understand it correctly as you yourself accepted that you’re not aware of Islam as the Scholars are.

For Islam Hygiene.

To Understand Concept of Jihad, rather then his own misunderstandings.

7. A Muslim who could not find Islam addressing his questions and converts to another religion does not require to be killed for apostasy as per Islamic laws, even if he propagates his new religion. Those who KILL apostates or justify their killing in Islamic state are greatest criminals. (Refer Zakir Naik – the mentor of terrorists)

As far Apostasy is concerned Islam is not a Religion like others, Islam deals with every aspect of life whether it be social, economical etc. And first of all killing the Apostate is only allowed to Islamic State not to every Muslim Individual otherwise no apostate would have been alive. So when there is no Islamic State and any individual killing any apostate how can this question be raised ? when the man doesn’t raised the question here that Islam doesn’t force people to accept Islam. So similarly if this question would have been asked regarding his own Country Rule ? Surely he would have defended and honored this rule or even we see there are people who love their country so much they even ready to take rules in their hands.

8. All those Muslim rulers like Babur who admit in their own biography of indulging into pedophilia, homosexuality, cutting thousands of head, narcotics and keeping harem of women are not actually Muslims but disgrace in name of Islam. (Refer Babri Masjid demolition – Symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity )

9. All those clerics, organizations and countries that call for constant war against non-Muslims are against Islam and criminals. For example refer to following fatwa issued from Saudi Arabia:

Fatwa_It is Obligatory for Non-Muslims to Accept ISLAM

10. Non-Muslims should have the same rights to propagate their beliefs in Islamic countries, (so far the beliefs are not criminal, immoral and violent) as Muslims have the right to propagate Islam in non-Islamic countries. But if Muslims believe that it is against Islam to allow preaching of any other religion in Islamic countries, then they should also stop propagating Islam in other countries.

That Ruler is not Quran or Sunnah, First of all it is mentioned in the Quran clearly that There is no compulsion, they why are you running away behind a verdict ? And I can post a same question ? why don’t all hindus get together and start issuing verdict against Rapist Swamis. Islam is a complete religion which is complete from every perspective so it doesn’t need anyone other religions ideology unlike Hinduism which even doesn’t know when it came into existence ? So how can you compare Islam with other religions.