Four responses to the sufis in the form of poetry by Ahlus sunnah

Four beautiful responses to the extremists in the form of poetry.

When Shaykh Imran ibn Ali ibn Rizwan ash-Shafiee (d 1280 h) (who was a Shi’i but Allaah guided him to the Sunnah.) came to know about the accusations of people against Muhammad ibn Abdul wahab, He responded.

إن كان تابـــع أحمـــد متوهبـــــــا فأنا المقـــرّ بأنني وهــّــــابي
If the follower of Ahmad (peace be upon him) is called a Wahabi? Then I accept that I am a Wahabi as well. [الهدية السنية والتحفة الوهابية النجدية ص110]

This is the tareeqa of the scholars of Ahlus sunnah, as Mulla ‘Ali Qaari (may Allaah have mercy on him), quoted from al-Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah al-Ansaari.

وقدس الله روح الشافعي حيث يقول ، وقد نسب إليه الرفض :
إن كان رفضا حب آل محمد فليشهد الثقلان أني رافضي
ورضي الله عن شيخنا أبي عبد الله بن تيمية حيث يقول :
إن كان نصبا حب صحب محمد فليشهد الثقلان أني ناصبي
وعفا الله عن الثالث حيث يقول :
فإن كان تجسيما ثبوت صفاته وتنزيهها عن كل تأويل مفتر
فإني بحمد الله ربي مجسم هلموا شهودا واملئوا كل محضر

May Allaah sanctify the soul of al-Shaafa’i, who said when he was accused of being a Raafidi:

If being a Raafidi means loving the family of Muhammad, then let the two races (of mankind and jinn) bear witness that I am a Raafidi.

May Allaah be pleased with our Shaykh Abu’l-‘Abbaas ibn Taymiyah when he said:

If being a Naasibi means loving the Companions of Muhammad, then let the two races (of mankind and jinn) bear witness that I am a Naasibi.

May Allaah forgive the third – Ibn al-Qayyim – when he said:

If being an anthropomorphist means affirming the divine attributes and regarding them as being above the interpretation of a liar,

Then praise be to Allaah, I am an anthropomorphist; bring your witnesses.” [Mirqaah al-Mafaateeh by al-Mulla ‘Ali Qaari (8/146, 147)