Deoband Proofs: Ahlul Hadeeth are not only Muhadditheen

Deoband Proofs: Ahlul Hadeeth are not only Muhadditheen


A lot of Deobandis of today say that the term Ahlul hadeeth (Ahlu Sunnah) is only meant for the Muhadditheen and it is not permissible to call any one “Ahlul hadeeth” in today’s time. There are references from the Salaf of the past which are clear proofs that Ahlul hadeeth are not only the Muhadditheen but it also refers to the Awaam. I have divided the article into 4 categories:

A) Quotes from the Salafs which prove that Ahlul hadeeth does not only mean Muhadditheen
B) Deobandis referring to Ahlul hadeeth Ulama and Ahlul Hadeeth public of today as Ahlul hadeeth
C) Deobandis saying all Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth
D) Bogus claims that Hanafis are also Ahlul hadeeth and Jesus christ pbuh will also be hanafi. (Aoozubillahi min zaalik)


A) Quotes from the Salafs which prove that Ahlul hadeeth does not only mean Muhadditheen:

1) Various Ulama of Islam like Imam Bukhari in Al-Hujjah fee bayaan Al-Muhajja 1/246 ,
Imam Bin Hanbal in Fath ul Baari 13/250 and Imam Al-Madeeni in Sunan Tirmidhi H#2999 have stated that
the Victorious Group OR Saved Sect is Ahlul hadeeth. So if Ahlul hadeeth stands for Muhadditheen ONLY then does this means only the muhadditheen will be going to Jannah and their general public will not go to Jannah?!

2) The Imam of Ahlu Sunnah, Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal Rahimahullah said:
“According to us, Ahlul hadeeth is a person that Acts upon a hadeeth” [Manaaqib Al-Imam Ahmed Li Ibn Al Jawzi Pg 208 with Authentic Chain]

3) Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah said:
“We do not take the meaning of Ahlul Hadeeth to just mean the people who heard (ahadeeth), wrote them or narrated them rather we mean anyone who takes care to memorize it, understand it and follow it, both inwardly and outwardly.”[Majmoo’ al-Fataawa, 4/95]

The explanation of Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah proves that Ahlul hadeeth means 2 types of people: The Muhadditheen and their Awaam.

4) Haafidh Ibn Hibbaan said about the Ahlul hadeeth that:
“They act upon the ahadeeth, they defend it and Annihilate its opponents.”[Sahih Ibn Hibbaan, Al-Ihsaan 6129]

5) Imam Ahmed bin Sanaan Al-Waasiti Rahimahullah said:
“There is not an Innovator in this world that does not have Bughz (enmity) for the Ahlul hadeeth” [Ma’arifatu Uloom Al-hadeeth of Haakim Pg 4 with Authentic Chain]

Every one knows how much enimty does the Innovators have for the Muhadditheen and its Awaam. Our articles on this issue are coming soon inshaAllah but for the time being Ask any person that repented from their cultural innovators sect of Barelvi or Deoband and came to the Quran and Sunnah, ask them how much of a tough time have they recieved from the innovators just because they rejected their innovations and came upon the truth of Quran and Sunnah i.e the way of the Ahlul hadeeth (Ahlu Sunnah).

6) It is mentioned in the Quran, Surah Bani Israeel verse 71, that people will be called upon along with their Imaams. Ibn Katheer Rahimahullah mentions the Tafsir of this Aayah in Tafsir Ibn katheer that:

“Some of the Salaf said this is the greatest honor for the people of Hadith, because their leader is the Prophet (s.a.w)”

Allaahu Akbar and it is known that the Greatest of Imam of Muhadditheen and their awaam is the Prophet (s.a.w).

7) Haafidh Ibn Al Qayyim rahimahullah said in his famous Qaseedah Nooniyah:
“O you have hatred (for Ahlul hadeeth) and abuse the Ahlul hadeeth, glad tidings to you for your friendship with Shaytaan.” [Al-Kaafiya Ash-Shaafiya Pg 199]

Where ever you go in the world, you will find innovators having enmity and hatred towards Ahlul hadeeth.

8) Jalaal ud deen Suyuti said in the Tafseer of Surah Bani Israeel verse 71:
“There is no better virtue for the Ahlul hadeeth than that because there is no other Imam for the Ahlul hadeeth other than the Messenger of Allaah (s.a.w)”[Tadreebur Raawi:2/126, Noo’:27]

As mentioned before that the Awaam of Ahlul hadeeth also declare Muhammad sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam to be their greatest Imam and this is their Manhaj and Emaan.

9) Abu Mansoor Abdul Qaahib bin Tahir Al Baghdadi said concerning the People living in the border areas of Shaam that:
“All of them are upon the Madhab of Ahlul hadeeth from Ahlus Sunnah” [Usool-ud-Deen Pg 317]

There is no proof what so ever that only the muhadditheen used to live in that area without their awaam. Hence according to Abdul Qaahir Baghdadi, the awaam of Muhadditheen are also Ahlul hadeeth.

10) Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Ahmad bin Al-Bina Al-Madqisi Al-Bashaari said about the people of sindh of his time:
“Majority of them are Ahlul hadeeth” [Ahsan Al-Taqaseem Fee Ma’rifatul Aqaleem:363]

This statement of Bashaari about Sindhis also proves that the Ahlul hadeeth are not just muhadditheen but their Awaam as well.

There are other proofs as well but these 10 proofs from the Salafs are sufficient for us to believe that Muhadditheen also refers to the Awaam that have the correct Aqeedah and act upon Hadeeth.

B) Deobandis referring to Ahlul hadeeth ulama and public of today as Ahlul hadeeth:

1) Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori, Deobandis refer to him as Shaikh ul Tafseer and Imam ul Awliya, he writes:
“I am a Qadri and a Hanafi. Ahlul hadeeth are neither Qadri nor Hanafi but they have been praying in our masjid since 40 years. I consider them to be on the Haqq” [Malfoozaat-e-Tayyibaat Pg 115 and in another printing it is Pg 126]


2) Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhiyaanwi Deobandi writes: “In about 2nd or 3rd century of Hijri, due to the disagreements among the people of Haqq regarding the solutions of Furoo’ee and Juz’ee matters, five school of thoughts were established, meaning: Madhaahib-e-Arba’ah and Ahle-Hadith. From that time till today, Haqq is believed to be found among these five ways.” [Ahsan ul-Fataawa: 1/316; Mawdoodi Sahab aur Takhreeb-e-Islaam: P. 20]


3) Abdur Rasheed Arshad Deobandi has written about a debate of Anwar Shah Kashmiri, he writes: “..Once during a debate that took place between Hadhrat Mamdooh and an Ahlul hadeeth, the Ahlul hadeeth scholar asked: “Are you a Muqallid of Imam Abu Haneefah (rahimahullah)?” He said: “No – I am a mujtahid myself and I act upon my own tahqeeq (research).” [Bees Barray Musalmaan Pg 383]

Abdur Rasheed Arshad Deobandi writes in another place: “Hadhrat molana Muhammad Hussain Bataalwi (said while conversing with an ahlul hadeeth)” [Bees Barray Musalmaan Pg 385]

4) Maulana Zakariyyah Kaandhalwi, he is called Shaikh ul hadeeth by the Deobandis. He writes: “I did a lot of research in my younger days. I wrote letters to Qaadiyaanis and innovators and similarly to Ahlul hadeeth..” [Taqreer-e-Bukhari Pg 59]

5) “Mufti” Sa’eed Ahmed Paalanpoori of Aal-e-Deoband mentioned the saying of Abdul Hayy Lakhnawi concerning Maulaana Muhammad Husayn Bataalwi rahimahullah that: “… The adversary between Ahnaaf and Ahlul Hadeeth grew severe and Munaazarah became a clash, heated discussion and in fact a fight” [Ayzaah al-Adillah Ma’ Haashiah Jadeedah: P. 31]

6) Mahmood Aalam Okaarvi Deobandi writes:
“In fact Maulana Inayatullah Shah Sahab also suggested Maulana Okaarvi as a Munaazir to debate with Ahlul hadeeth, while he himself supervised the Munaazarah.” [Fatoohaat-e-Safdar 3/443]

7) Mufti Muhammad Anwar said while commenting on Sufi Abdul Hameed Sawaati Deobandi’s book that: “In our opinion, the study of this book is not only beneficial for the Imams and Khateebs of Hanafi Maslak specifically and Awaam generally, but it will also be educative and eye opening for the unprejudiced impartial Ahlul Hadeeth people.” [Namaz-e-Masnoon pg 18]


8) Mufti Taqi Usmani Deobandi writes: “For example the famous Ahlul hadeeth scholar hadhrat Muhammad Ismaa’eel Salafi Rahimahullah…” [Taqleed ki Shar’ee Haisyat Pg 146]


9) Mufti Muhammad Yusuf Ludhyanwi deobandi writes: “Fatiha Khalf Al Imaam (Reciting Surah Al Fatiha behimd the Imam) is a famous ikhtilaafi masla. Imam Shaf’ee rahimahullah has declared it to be a must and the Ahl ul-Hadeeth act upon this.” [Aap ke Masaail aur unka hal vol 2 Pg 207]


10) Maulana Allah yaar khan, He is called “Mujaddid-e-Tareeqat and Hadhrat ul Ullaam” by deobandis, he says: “… Deobandi and Ahlul Hadeeth, I see them all to be in Islam, despite the differences”. [Hayaat-e-Tayyiba Pg 169, Mahnaama Zarb-e-Haq No.30 Pg 11]

11) Abu Ahmad Mufti Muhammad Umar M.A deobandi writes: “In fact it is our humble request to the Ahlul Hadeeth awaam (public) that you have been digressively exploited through being kept away from these facts…” [Chhupay Raaz Part 4, Pg 2]

He further writes: “Ahlul hadeeth awaam (public) must be thinking that…” [Ibid, Pg 3]

In these quotations, Ahl ul-Hadeeth Awaam are summoned with the word Ahlul Hadeeth.

12) Khalid Mahmood M.A Manchesterwi Deobandi writes: “A scholar of the Barelvi group Maulana Abdur Rahmaan Chishti said that Maulana Abdul Sattaar Khan Niazi attended the Funeral of a famous Ahlul Hadeeth Scholar Syed Mahmood Dawood Ghaznawi”. [Mutaalia Barelviyat Vol 4, Pg 387]


13) Muhammad Kifaayatullah Dehlawi Deobandi writes in an answer to a question: “Yes Ahlul hadeeth are Muslims and included in Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah” [Kifaayatul Mufti Vol 1 Pg 325 Answer no.370]


14) The Son of Sarfaraz Khan Safdar Deobandi, Abu Ammaar Zaahid Al-Raashidi Deobandi writes: “The Hanafi-Ahlul hadeeth differences have also been permanent topic of the teachings and writings of my respected father. And not only would he discuss these topics with references and Tahqeeq in the Tadrees of Tirmidhi Shareef, but he has also written permanent books on most of those issues. However, this controversy, like the Deoband-Braylwee controversy, was not Usooli according to him, rather he used to give these issues a Furoo’ee position” [Mahnaama Al-Sharee’ah Gujranwala March 2010 Pg 4]


All these references prove that according to the Deobandis as well, the title of Ahl al-Hadeeth covers all Muhadditheen and their Awaam i.e. those who act upon hadeeth; and making this title special to Muhadditheen is not correct.

C) Deobandis saying all Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth:

When some Deobandis saw that Muhadditheen have declared Taaifah Mansoorah (Saved Sect) to be Ahlul Hadeeth, they started using the title for Sahaba Alhamdulillah and hence declaring that the sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth as well:

1) The Khaleefah Majaaz of Haji Imdad ullah Makki, Muhammad Anwaarullah farooqi writes:
“All the Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth”
[Haqeeqatul Fiqh Part 2 Pg 228 Published by Idaaratul Quraan wal Uloom Al-Islaamiya Karachi]

2) Muhammad Idrees Kaandhalwi writes: “All the Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth”
[Ijtihaad aur Taqleed ki Bay misaal tahqeeq Pg 48]


Bonus info: Deobandis utter this outrageous lie that Ahlul hadeeth came into existance 100 years ago but the fact is that they themselves came into existance 100 years ago and their top Scholars admit this. Qari Muhammad tayyab is the Muhtamim of Darul uloom Deoband, writes in his book “Ulama e Deoband ka Deeni Rukh Aur Maslaki Mizaaj” Page 177 has admitted that “the Dawah of Deobandi madhab was given 100 years ago.”


Alhamdulillah, this is how Allaah makes them accept the truth despite all the hate and misinformation they utter against Ahlul hadeeth. They admit that the Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth and there fore proving that the Ahlul hadeeth (Ahlu Sunnah) have existed ever since the time of Rasool Allah sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam and Allaah made them admit that they themselves are a 100 years old sect. However, there is no limit to deobandi confusion and desperation. Read the following:

D) Deobandi Claims that Hanafis are also Ahlul hadeeth and Jesus christ pbuh will also be hanafi:

1) Anwaar Khursheed Deobandi writes: “We also come to know that it is the ahnaaf that really deserve to be called Ahlul hadeeth and not the Ghair Muqallid.” [Hadees aur Ahle hadees pg 88]


It is clear that Anwaar Khursheed is referring to his Sufi Muqallid cult as “Ahnaaf” and declaring them Ahlul hadeeth where as you can Check the huge of list of Ghair Muqallids which includes Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Bukhari, Imam Shaf’ee, Imam Maalik, Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal (rahimahumullah) and many many others.

Read: Salaf us Saliheen were not Muqallideen

Anwaar khursheed expunged all these Ghair muqallid a.k.a Ahlul hadeeth Imams from the list of Ahlul hadeeth and just presented his wishful thinking that it is the Ahnaaf i.e he and his deobandiyyah that really deserve to be called Ahlul hadeeth

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Deoband wasnt even existant before the 1850’s and yet anwaar khursheed in his passion for deobandiyyah declared his sect to be the “Saved sect”.

2) Amjad Saeed Deobandi makes a similar absurd claim that: “It is really the Ahnaaf that are Ahlul hadeeth”
[Saif-e-Hanafi pg 125]

Previously they said that the Sahaba were Ahlul hadeeth and now they say the “Ahnaaf” are the real Ahlul hadeeth. Do they mean that the Sahaba were “Ahnaaf”? I wont be surprised if these “Ahnaaf” claim this because check the following reference of another “hanafi”. Just Check this out:

Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi has copied from Khawaja Muhammad Parsa’s Fusool Sitta, it says:

“Hadhrat Eesa (Jesus Christ) Alyhissalaam will act in accordance to the madhab of Imaam e Aazam radhi Allaho anho after his descent.” [Maktoobaat, Vol 1 Maktoob number:282]


So Jesus Christ peace be upon him will also be a hanafi according to these people that claim to be Ahnaaf. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Allaah knows best how would have Imam Abu Hanifa (rahimahullah) reacted to all this disgust if he were alive. All this is being done under the shade of his name and may Allaah guide these people OR may Allaah do justice to such criminals. Ameen.

May Allah guide us All. This article & the Deoband proofs prove Ahlul Hadeeth are not only Muhadditheen Allaah knows best.