Dawah lecture series by shaikh riyaz musa

In this exclusive Dawah Lecture series, Shaikh Riyaz musa malabari explains the importance of Dawah and the methodology of doing it. This is the only video of Riyaz Musa available till date!

Introduction of Shaikh Riyaz Musa:

Mohammed Riyaz Musa Malabari’s name is Mohammed Riyaz. He is also called by a popular name ” Riyadh Saab”. His father’s name is Musa. He was born in Peringadi, Kerala State in 1942. At the age of four, his mother expired leaving him, under no shade of mercy. Then another sad incident happened, as his father also passed away at the age of Eight, leaving him an orphan. He got his education in Malyalam upto 9th standard. He spent his childhood with hardship and continuous struggle, but Allah (SWT) is All Almighty.

He left for Kuwait at the age of 21 in 1963 to work. While working in Kuwait, he managed to get the education, as well as he was absolutely eager to gain Islamic knowledge. He learnt many topics from various islamic scholars in a span of eight years. He returned to India in 1980 after spending 17 years in Kuwait. In Indian environment he decided to do ‘Dawah’ and propagation of Islam among country fellows after deep thinking. But he was opposed by many Indian Islamic scholars, who suggested him to think twice on his decision. But he was firm in his mission as Allah (SWT) has opened his heart for Dawah.

In order to save the majority who were heading towards Hell Fire, by doing Shirk (associating partners with Allah), he met various Islamic scholars and visited several Masjids and Madrasas to encourage them to do Dawah but everybody closed the door before him and were afraid to listen about Dawah because he was calling non-muslims to Islam with his full devotion. He gave a lot of sacrifices to acheive the goal(Dawah) towards Allah. Many relatives, near and dear left him alone seeing his madness to reach the target. Then slowly and slowly, they realized the importance of Dawah and their behaviour changed. He was praying to Allah the Almighty to give his people the true guidance, as they were not recognizing him. Then Allah accepted his prayers and they realized the potentiality of Dawah. Allah provided me a bunch of dedicated preachers to carry out the Dawah with all the resources,

Alhumdulillah(All praises to Allah). In other way, we can say that he started the journey alone but people attached to him one by one and now it became a caravan Mashallah(What Allah wills).

Riaz Musa said that solution of Indian Muslims is to do Dawah. Allah will not change the status of Muslim Ummah unless and untill they carry out the important obligation of Sunnah(Dawah). He has determination to bring the people from the way, they lost. He is still struggling for it. Pray to Allah Almighty that ‘ May Allah give him succeess in his future, the ironic determination and accept his sincere struggle…Ameen.

Here comes the most awaited dawah lecture series by shaikh riyaz musa

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