Nazar o Niaz (Vow) to anyone beside Allah is Haram: Hanafis

Assalam Walaikum Wa Rehmat Ulla Hi Wa Bara Kata Hu.

I have created this topic to quote from past Scholars who declared Nazar o Niaz Harram of any Saint,Prophet etc. I will here quote only Hanafi Scholars, because there is a group who belongs to Hanafi Maslak and for Ahnaf their Scholars are sufficient since they are Muqallids. So i will quote Scholars so that they may not mislead the Masses.


Allama Hasfaki in Al-Dur Al Mukhtar :

Know that those people who give Nazar o Niaz in the name of Dead elders, And the money or wealth, Oil and Lamp and these things they bring as a means to get benefit, All of these things are Harram (Prohibited) and Batil (Falsehood) with Ijma (Consensus).[Al-Dur Al Mukhtar [ 1/155 ]

In the Famous Commentary Of Al-Dur Al-Mukhtar Which is “Rad Al-Mukhtar” we found the commentary of this which enlightens the topic more.

“Doing Nazar o Niaz of Ghair Ullah (Other than Allah) is Falsehood and Prohibited proven from many ways, Amongst which one is that Nazar is Ibadah (Worship), And Ibadah (Worship) of anyone other than Allah is not permitted, Second is that of whom Nazar o Niaz is given that person is dead and a dead person can never owns nothing, Third is that if a Nazir ( The person who does Nazar or Niaz ) thinks of Manzur ( For whom Nazar has been intended ) that he can benefits him besides Allah so this type of Aqeedah is Kufr”[ Rad Al-Mukhtar 2/128, Published in Beirut ]

Allama Ahmed Al Rumi Hanafi (Rahimaullah) says :

For graves Nazar o Niaz of Oil, Lamp or of others things doing is Prohibited. Because this is the Nazar o Niaz of calamity and disobeying to fulfill it, is not permitted, instead of this on that person various kinds of Kufaray type Kufara would be must on him”[ Majalis Al-Barar Page 20, Published in Riyadh ]

Allama Sana Ullah Hanafi said about it :

“Sacrifice and Nazar o Niaz of Ghair Ullah are Batil (Falsehood), Because the Qur’an says :

“Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds”(Surah Anaam Chapter 6 Verse 162)

Similarly Nazar or Niaz of Ghair Ullah is Shirk as in the case of Sacrifice, To sacrifice in the name of other than Allah is Shirk”[ Mughni Al-Murid 3/1138 ]

Maulana Abdulhai Luckhnowi (Rahimaullah) :

“The Nazar o Niaz and Mannat of Ghair Ullah is Harram, And along with the Manzur whether it is sweet or salty both are prohibited to eat for the poor as well as for the rich”[ Fatawa AbdulHai Luckhnowi ]

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehalwi (rahimaullah) says :

“And If a Manzur (for which Nazar o Niaz is Intended or For Whom because it is intended along with some food or etc) is Ghair Ullah’s Animal so even on Sacrifice taking name of Allah doesn’t benefit in anyway. It remains Harram like Swine and Dead Animal”[ Tafseer Azizi 1/691 ]

These Hanafi Scholars are sufficient who declared it Harram and Shirk to do Nazar o Niaz of anyone other than Allah swt. And there is Ijma on it. Because that particularly group who does such things claims to be Hanafi.