Classic Example of Love for the Prophet from sahabas

Classic Example of Love for the Prophet a.s.

In the seerah of the Prophet a.s., one of the finest chapter is the one is during the treaty at Hudaibiya. It explains how much his companions loved him. A beautiful example from the seerah as observed by Urwah who represented the Quraish to bargain a chip of favoritism as he was highly reputed leader if Tail. Note a display of love by Mughirah ibn Shubah during the conversation and the impact it had on the morale of Quraish and the future of Arabia.

Urwah ibn Masud, was sent out to assess the situation. He tried to demoralise the Prophet, by giving him the news of the Quraysh’s unity: “O Muhammad! You have gathered all these people and have come back to your birthplace. The Quraysh have come out and pledged to God that you would not enter Makkah against them by force. By God, all these people might well desert you.” Abu Bakr r.a. went up to Urwah and said with disdain: “We desert him (Muhammad)? Woe to you.” The Companions disliked even the discussion of deserting the Messenger. Reason ? Along with honour, immense love, and mark my words, honour is one of the best way to declare love towards a person.

As Urwah was speaking, he touched the Prophet’s beard and Mughirah ibn Shubah rapped his hand with the handle of his sword saying, “Take away your hand,” and Urwah retorted: “Woe to you! How crude and coarse you are.” The Prophet smiled. “Who is this man, O Muhammad?” asked Urwah. “This is your cousin, Al-Mughirah ibn Shubah.” “What perfidy!” Urwah hissed at Al-Mughirah and continued to insult him. The Prophet smiled at the way Mughirah rapped the hand of Urwa.. he acknowledge Mughirah’s love and respect from him.. Radiallahu anhu wa radoo ann…

Urwah then surveyed the companions of the Prophet. He saw that whenever he gave them an order, they hastened to carry it out. When he made ablutions they vied with one another to help him. When they spoke in his presence, they lowered their voices, and they did not look him in the eye out of respect for him.

Back with the Quraysh, Urwah showed that he was obviously impressed: “By God, O people of the Quraysh ! I have been to Chosroes in his kingdom and I have seen Caesar the Byzantine emperor in the plenitude of his power, but never have I seen a king among his people like Muhammad among his companions. I have seen a people who would not abandon him for anything. Reconsider your position. He is presenting you with right guidance. Accept what he has presented to you. I advise you sincerely… I fear that you will never gain victory over him.”

It was a display of love that showed the strenght and firmness of Muslims. A fright in the heart of enemy without any weapons displayed.. but just ahumble and crystal clear love for the Prophet through obedience, honour and respect in his presence.. Urwah’s report to the Quraysh was a stunning report. He could not beelive his eyes what he saw. Love, obedience and respect for a man to such extent that he could not even touch is beard out of fondness!

It was the love for the Prophet that united the Muslims globelly when Satanic Rushdie wrote a satanic book or the cartoon artist drawing a cartoon. Today this love is displayed only during the protest against dishonouring the Prophet a.s. but it is not seen in our implementing the shariah..Imagine 145 crore of Muslims in world in beard or hijab…entire men in Masjid during all five salah …Do you require more efforts than this to display your love to the man who is number one in being maligned today? Now is the test of our Love towards our beloved Prophet sallahualaihi wassallam….Obey and follow his commands and you love him thats all…

Author: Nisaar Nadiadwala speaks and writes on socio-educational issues.. He can be reached at