Black Slave woman the wife of Hudhaifa bin al Yamaan the great Companion

Profound words of Hudhaifa bin al Yamaan (the great Sahabi) to his black slave woman before marrying her.
Al-Thaʿlabi (d 427 h) said:
نزلت في خنساء وكانت سوداء كانت لحذيفه بن اليمان فقال: يا خنساء قد ذكرت في الملأ الأعلى مع سوادك ودمامتك وأنزل الله عز وجل ذكرك في كتابه فأعتقها حذيفة وتزوجها.
This verse (i.e. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you.) was revealed regarding Khansa as She was a black slave of Hudhayfa bin al Yamaan.
Hudhaifa said: O Khansa even though you are black and not beautiful still you have been mentioned by The chiefs (Angels) on high and You have been mentioned by Allah in his book. Then Hudhaifa freed her and married her. [Tafsir al Al-Thaʿlabi under 2:221, Same is mentioned by al Qurtubi under 2:221]
Abdullah bin Rawaha the great sahabi also freed his black slave woman and married her.
There are many blacks who are beautiful by looks and many whites who are ugly as well. At the end of the day Allah does not look into your beauty rather piety.